Suecia reconoce that the numbers of muertos by coronavirus are “terribles”: “We are mistaken”

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The head of the Public Health Agency and the public health agency Anders Tegnell regrets the strategy chosen before Covid-19, which avoids confinement

The head of the Swedish Agency Anders Tegnell.MAGNUS ANDERSSON /EFE

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  • Coronavirus protagonists.Anders Tegnell, the Swedish gur between “the group immunity” and the catastrophe

The head of the Public Health Agency of Sweden, Anders Tegnell, called this “terrible” and preventable songs by Covid-19 in this country andI regret the high number of deaths in nursing homes.

Sweden, with a smooth ms strategy, has registered5,161 muertos, with a table of 50.30 per 100,000 inhabitants, five times that Denmark, even Finland and Norway, still under Spain, Italy Belgium and the United Kingdom.

“The numbers of things in Sweden are terrible and must be avoided. That was the reason for the pandemic and the question follow me, why can we do it?”, Says Tegnell on the popular “Verano en P1” program Swedish public radio.

Most of the 90% of coronavirus patients in Sweden are over 70 years old, and the total number of asylum seekers, even though a room receives home care. “We believe that our society segregated by age will avoid a situation like that of Italy, from where several generations live together. But we can prove that we are very wrong. The number of people went up dramatically,” they state.

Tegnell apunt las lasdeficiencies in geriatric care, personal and material, also sealed by the Gobierno rojiverde, in reference to the policy of the former Executive Director.

As well as the rest of the Nordic countries, Sweden does not bet on confinement, it also differs from the rest by leaning through some recommendations and some prohibitions, keeping open for example bars, restaurants and schools, even with restrictions.

The objective was to reduce the effects of the virus and protect groups of risk, following a “classic model” against a pandemic, explains Tegnell, surprised by the move adopted by many countries.

“It was like the world turned around and that everything we discussed seemed to be forgotten. Pas tras pas cerraron fronteras y societies completely”, they say.

Highlights thatthe virus is “unpredictable”It is difficult to know which methods were most effective, but the isolation could bring negative consequences for the medium and wide health.

“I don’t think we have a good answer that we can do right. There are clear differences between countries, as we record the changes, the percentage of elderly people, how we organize the management services. .



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