Many Americans are convinced that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden will wash the sitting president, Republican Donald Trump, in the November 3 presidential election. Biden leads by far in support polls.

Proponents of Biden believe the Democratic leader would get the country back on track by tackling Trump more effectively, for example in police violence. Many Americans have been disappointed that Trump has not condemned police violence more directly.

Most recently, Americans were shocked by Monday’s events in Philadelphia when police shot a man with a mental illness in front of his mother’s eyes after police unsuccessfully asked a man to lower his knife. Many Americans have wondered why the police did not use a remote parlor.

– Cops can act just like having fun, especially against dark-skinned people, and Trump does nothing. Biden’s choice would be a relief, as Trump takes his entire leadership as a big joke, even though people lose their jobs and die from a corona pandemic, living all their lives in Brooklyn, New York. Michael Morgan says Iltalehti.

– The division of the nation will not improve in an instant, but perhaps over time. Trump has exacerbated the situation with his statements. Even if Biden wins, there will still be unrest in the country, but not a civil war, Professor of Politics Steven Brams New York University notes.

Brams believes Biden’s victory would primarily affect how the country fights climate change and the country’s infrastructure.

The Democratic candidate has said he wants the United States back on the Paris Climate Agreement, and Biden’s goal is for the U.S. economy to be based entirely on renewable energy by 2050 at the latest. He has also said he wants to rehabilitate the country’s infrastructure.

– I am not quite sure whether we will reach the goal by 2050, but the use of clean energy is constantly falling in price. Agreeing on a stimulus package will be difficult even if Republicans lose. Republicans will fight back because they are disappointed with their loss, Brams speculated.

Morgan believes the coronary pandemic in the United States, led by Biden, could be brought under control more quickly.

– Trump doesn’t use a mask and sets a bad example. His approach to trying to manage a pandemic is inconsistent, Morgan says.

– It will probably take a couple of years before the economy returns to where we were before the pandemic. Trump doesn’t take the pandemic even seriously and throws jokes like “cure the virus by putting bleach in his veins”. He doesn’t use his power to the benefit of other people, Morgan says.

A more humane immigration policy

Biden supporters are also tired of Trump’s immigration policy, which they describe as inhumane.

Trump has wanted to significantly reduce migration to the United States. By presidential decree, an applicant’s work or residence permit or visa application can now be rejected if the applicant has a low income level or low education. An application may also be rejected if the applicant has had to use health, housing or food benefits, as such an applicant is considered to be more likely to need state assistance in the future.

Biden, for his part, has said he wants to dismantle Trump’s restrictive immigration policy. In addition, he has said he is trying to pardon undocumented migrants in Congress, and free health care for undocumented migrants as well.

– Trump is really doing a lot of harm, and it’s raging to see immigrant families torn apart. The problems of immigrants cannot be ignored, even if they do not touch themselves, the first-time voter Valexa Paulino says.

He believes that with Biden, the country would also get the jobs it so desperately needs.

“People need a leader who advocates for their interests,” Paulino says.

“Energy jobs will not be lost”

Working as a nuclear physicist Craig Burdett tells Iltalehti that he wants to change many things in the United States, such as improving the country’s health care, eliminating police violence, and changing the country’s climate policy.

– The United States should get back to the Paris Climate Agreement. Even if jobs are lost in certain energy sectors, such as the coal industry, they will be replaced. Energy is still needed, Burdett says.

Michael Bennett says that while things are now in the United States in a “slightly crazy pattern,” this has happened in the past, and the country has gotten to its posts. He says he chooses his presidential candidate on the basis of values.

He believes the coronary pandemic will be defeated in the United States by listening to scientists and doctors and following their advice. Bennett believes it would be good to revive the economy cautiously, but not too much.

– Even money cannot be printed indefinitely, it does not always solve problems, he points out.