Danish newspaper Ekstrabladetin according to the supplier Kim Wallin sentenced to murder for life Peter Madsen has tried to escape from prison.

A major police operation is underway in Albertslund, Denmark, over an attempt to escape.

Aftonbladetin according to the pictures taken on the spot, it appears that Madsen would be sitting along the roadside, guarded by snipers.

According to reporters present, Madsen threatens to have a bomb with him.

According to the Danish newspaper BT, Madsen would have carried an object resembling a pistol and would have told the police that he had attached a bomb to himself.

According to an on-site Ekstrabladet reporter, it looks like Madsen would have some sort of belt-like object around him.

The photo taken on the spot is shown in the suite below.

– Suddenly I saw several prison guards running [vankilan lähellä sijaitsevalla] Roskildevejkatu on the north side. Some ran along Enighedsvej and Nyvej streets, an eyewitness present tells Ekstrabladet about the moment of escape.

Bomb experts and snipers, among others, will be present. The place is about 500 meters from Herstedvester Prison, where Madsen has lived for life.

According to Ekstrabladet, Madsen would have been under surveillance in the past because of suspected escape plans.

Local police say on Twitter on Wednesday that the man has been arrested as a result of an escape attempt on Nyvej Street in Albertslund. In the suite, however, police do not refer to Madsen by name.

Madsen has admitted in an interview for the documentary series that he murdered Wall in 2017. He has previously claimed that Wall had died in an accident.

Madsen was convicted in the Copenhagen District Court of Wall’s murder in 2018, and the Court of Appeal upheld the verdict. Madsen did not appeal to the Supreme Court.

Journalist Kim Wall disappeared in August 2017 after being in a submarine built by Madesin at a talk show. His dismembered body was later found at sea.

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