The documentary group’s discovery of the wreck of M / S Estonia, which sank exactly 26 years ago, has been the hottest topic of conversation on Monday, at least in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.

Streaming service Dplayssa in a published document Estonia – A revolutionary discovery showing how the instructor Henrik Evertssonin the group dives into the wreck and finds a huge hole in the side of the ship.

– Wow, that’s completely open. The starboard side has an indentation at least a meter wide. The collision list is quite piled up, divers are amazed at the documentary.

The possible impact of the rupture on the sinking of Estonia has not been taken into account in the official final report of the Commission that investigated the accident.

The story continues after the pictures.

The hole is located on the side of the ship on the starboard side, in the middle stages of the ship, at the height of the waterline.

Wreck damage expert Linus Andersson estimates that the hole in the document is at least four meters long and no more than 1.5 meters wide. According to him, this is a collision damage, the captain of the Norwegian Navy Frank Børresen would not rule out the possibility of an explosion.

Professor of Marine Technology at NTNU, Norwegian University of Technology Jørgen Amdahl says in the document that a force of about 500 to 600 tons has been needed to make the hole.

Finland, Sweden and Estonia announced on Monday that they would start an investigation into the hole. The details of the process are not yet known, but the intention is to find out what caused the rupture.

However, the countries emphasize that they adhere to the conclusion of the Commission of Inquiry into the accident that the sinking of the ship was caused by the detachment of the ship’s bow visor.