Strike day in Belarus against President Lukashenko

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After the day of repressed demonstrations on Sunday Minsk, the Belarusian capital, the opposition Svetlana Tijanóvskaya, exiled in Lithuania, has called for the follow-up of a day of general strike against power this Monday. Belarus has been the scene of unprecedented protests since the re-election of the current president, Alexander Lukashenko, considered fraudulent, on August 9. The president has been in power since 1994 at the head of a model that many consider inspired by the soviet system.

Tijanóvskaya had given the president until October 24 to voluntarily withdraw under the threat of calling a gigantic manifestation and one general strike. On Sunday, more than 100,000 people filled the streets of Minsk to express its rejection of the Government of Lukashenko but the protest led again to police repression.

In response, the head of the opposition called a day of general strike in the country. “The regime again today showed Belarusians that the violence it is the only thing he is capable of. (& mldr;) For this reason, tomorrow, October 26, a national strike will begin “he said Tijanóvskaya on his channel of the mobile messaging application Telegram.

The militant has urged her compatriots to show this Monday that “nobody is going to work“for the Lukashenko regime and has stated on Telegram that” since this morning, employees of public companies and factories, the transport sector, miners, teachers and students began to strike. “A spokeswoman for the prime minister said on Facebook that the country’s companies they work normally.

Police repression

Since the elections, the protests have left at least three dead and dozens injured. During the demonstrations on Sunday, the security forces launched scatter grenades and carried out numerous arrests, according to the opposition Telegram channels, in which images of panic of the protesters fleeing the front line of the march. As in the preceding manifestations, the subway stations from the center were closed to dissuade the crowd. Also, mobile internet was limited. Authorities have threatened this month to shoot with real bullets to disperse the protesters, if “it were necessary.”

Call for elections

Practically every Sunday tens of thousands of Belarusians take to the streets of the capital and other inland cities despite the threats from the authorities. Tijanóvskaya claims her victory and asks new elections, while demanding an end to police pressure and the release of all political prisoners.

The opponent has the support for full of the EU, who has not recognized the results of the August elections, and of leaders like the German Angela Merkel or french Emmanuel Macron. Russia -ally of Belarus- and the Lukashenko executive denounce a western plot.



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