Strategic Vision Brand Equity Index 2020

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There are tangible brand values ​​like reliability or security, and there are aspects that are difficult to quantify, such as prestige or sophistication – and a brand that can perform equally well in both areas can be truly successful.

In a nutshell, this conclusion reflects and summarizes the views of more than 25,000 new car buyers. Brand Equity Index (BEI) survey conducted by Strategic Vision for the first time this year. The company has been analyzing the brand value of its customers since 1995, utilizing the knowledge and experience gained in this way in its current research covering the entire automotive industry.

Hyundai’s premium co-brand has won in many areas
Pictured: Genesis G90

New car buyers surveyed were asked not only about their own brand, but also about those that were taken into account (or even categorically discarded) during the decision-making process. Three main sets of questions were sought.

One is ‘perceived brand value’, which is most often identified by the reliability and durability of brands. The other is the ‘potential prospective option’, i.e. how much (or how not) a particular brand would be considered for a future purchase. Finally, customers were asked to assign certain values ​​to specific brands, highlighting how their existing and potential customers see the present and future of the brands.

These are the strongest car brands 2

Lexus (and Toyota by the way) is the best in the price range as well as the smartest decision on the market. Lexus is even the most comfortable.
Pictured: Lexus NX

The combined scores of the study yielded the following results:

Strongest brands, broken down by price range

– HUF 9 million


HUF 9-12 million


HUF 12 – 15.6 million


HUF 15.6 million

Mercedes Benz

* The value has been recalculated at the rate of HUF 300 / dollar, it does not reflect the prices of new cars in Europe, but in North America.

These are the strongest car brands 3

Porsche is synonymous with freedom, dominance, driving experience
Pictured: Porsche 718 Cayman

Strongest brands, by brand values

Owners opinion
(based on experience)

Non-owners opinion
(presumed values)


Mercedes Benz





It makes you confident


Mercedes Benz





It sets you free


He downloads with pride


It can be controlled

BMW / Porsche



A smart choice


Lexus / Toyota

It is enjoyable to drive

Alfa Romeo


Meets my needs





Mercedes Benz

These are the strongest car brands 4

Whether you have a Volvo or not, everyone considers this brand the safest
Pictured: Volvo V60

Source: Smarter Media, Strategic Vision

Image source (s): Getty Images



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