Algerian Abdelmadjid Labadi wanted a name for her daughter that reflects the Berber background of the family. The state has announced a list of 300 Berber names that are allowed. Labadi did not qualify any of them, writes The Economist.

Thus, Labadi did not give his daughter an official name for the four years during which the litigation lasted. In late summer, Labadi won the case. Her daughter is now officially Tanila, which means berry pigeon.

Because of national unity, many governments, especially in the Middle East and North Africa, have determined what names can be given to children.

Turkey once banned Kurdish names. After the Islamic Revolution, Iran banned Western names.

Saudi Arabia has a list of banned names that conflict with religion or the culture of the country. Nor are “royal” names allowed. For example, Malika (queen) is forbidden.

Slightly, perhaps surprisingly, Linda is also on the list of banned names. It is considered too Western.

Practices are slipping

In Israel, the authorities would slap Hebrew names on Jewish immigrants from Europe and Muslim countries. This practice came to an end in the 1990s when the former Soviet Union became a big wave of migrants to Israel.

Anyway, the naming policy of governments has started to slip. Turkey has stopped “forcing Turkishization” of names, and even in Iraq, the names of persons belonging to minorities are no longer forcibly changed to Arabic.

Can the name be Sörnäinen?

Former football player David Beckhamin and his wife Victorian the boy ‘s name is Brooklyn, which is a district in New York.

No one in Finland has tested whether Sörnäinen or Tapulikaupunki, both districts of Helsinki, would be accepted as first names.

In Finland, names are supervised by the Ministry of Justice naming board.

– For example, in the case of swear words or words referring to sexual intercourse, consideration should be given to whether the name causes aggravation. The same applies to names that refer to criminal activity or, for example, religious or philosophical beliefs in the negative sense, says the specialist. Joanna Grandell from the Ministry of Justice.

Sock and Marijuana were not named

Most of all applications submitted go through the Nomination Board.

– Yes, there is also a terrible amount of bad taste involved in name issues. To combat this, the naming board sometimes has to use the power of the expert authority entrusted to it, said the chairman of the naming board, Professor Urpo Kangas For the evening newspaper.

In 2019, the name committee advocated the following first names, among others: Anarko, Eekoo, Elonroihu, Ferarri, Kyy, Mono, Toffee, Ääsijä and Örkki.

Among other things, these were not supported: Hommahopo, Jalofina, Marijuana, Sock and Superstar.

Denmark banned the names Anus and Pluto

While names are no longer banned from the former model for political reasons in many countries, there are, of course, restrictions.

Not in Germany familyAccording to the website, the child may be named Grammophon, Atomfried, McDonald, Pillula, Gucci or Whiskey.

Portugal has banned the names Nirvana and Sayonara, among others.

Denmark has similar rules to Finland. There are about 7,000 names on the whitelist, but if parents want something more special, it’s possible. The name must be approved by the Nomination Board under the University of Copenhagen.

Anus and Pluto, for example, did not pass the board’s screen.

The list of names banned in France includes Nutella and Prince William, writes Business Insider.

How about Ikea?

In our western neighbor, Sweden, the practice is similar to Finland. One couple tried to get their child the official name BRFXXCCXXMNPCCCCLLLMMNPRXVCLMNCKSSQLBB11116. Didn’t go through the nameplate.

The parents intended to protest against Sweden’s rigid name laws.

Metallica and Ikea were also not approved in Sweden, he writes BBC.

In New Zealand, the parents had had their daughter baptized as Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii.

When she came to school, the girl was so ashamed of her own name that she said that her name at school was just K.

The name dispute went to court.

– We are deeply concerned about the complete lack of discretion that parents showed in choosing a child’s name. The child has had to suffer completely unnecessarily, the judge said Rob Murfitt The Guardianin by.

The girl’s name was changed, but to protect her identity, it has not been made public.

In New Zealand, Yeah Detroit, Fish and Chips and Keenan Got Lucky, among others, did not go through the authorities. Instead, Number 16 Bus Shelter got to keep his name.