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Emma It is far, very far, although digital screens and a curious strategy of his grandfather to keep it close are the origin of, for the moment, three endearing and original summer tales that can be downloaded for free at the Apple Books, so other parents and grandparents can entertain the little ones in this hot and rare summer.

The origin of these tales, according to Paco Lara, author ‘I am dedicating part of my time to fulfill the task that my granddaughter has set me: to tell her a story every day. And since he loves the most are magical stories with friendly animals, I have no choice (wonderful obligation!) But to invent them. ‘

Three stories for the summer

Emma is a happy, smart and curious girl. She wants to learn everything and everything to teach it later to her friends, such as the dragon Rufo, Osito, the squirrel Noli, Tika the hedgehog or the bird Pipo. Emma is a bit of a teacher, and also a bit of a magician.

Fruit of imagination, distance and the desire to build bridges to Emma, ​​the author’s granddaughter, are the origin of three stories, which will undoubtedly be more in the coming weeks.

Of chickens and dragons

In the Magic Seed it is explained how mother Miriam showed Emma how to sow seeds, to have strawberries, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables in the garden. That same day, Emma taught her best friend, Bear, how to sow seeds, who sowed a magic seed from which a very, very, very special plant was born.

In Emma and the hen Catalina A curious chicken coop in the garden is explained, with its red roof and a large door through which the two chicks that lived there with their mother, the hen Catalina, ran in and out. Every morning, the mother hen would lay an egg and the chicks Pepe and Pito would take it out to the door of the hen house, rolling it, so that Emma would see it when she came to bring them food. One day, while they were playing, they heard Mama Catalina cackling very angry. The two chicks, scared, ran back to the hen house and, upon arrival, found a very sad mother hen … The egg was broken! … Who would it have been? Catherine and the chicks, sad, asked their friend Emma for help … And Emma had a great idea!

In the third story, the author explains how one morning Emma woke up with a start when she heard very loud knocks on her window pane. She saw that it was the Pipo bird that woke her up singing every day. But that morning Pipo wasn’t singing, he just kept fluttering nervously, pecking at the window pane. ‘There is no water in the river! & Mldr; The river water has disappeared tonight, Emma! And fish and ducks can’t swim or drink! & Mldr; Why is there no water in the river? & Mldr; Emma has to find out what happened and help her friends. Emma and the dragon who wanted to be blue.



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