Stores do not know when new Xbox and PlayStation will be back in stock

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The Xbox Series X and S and the PlayStation 5 are all for sale, but consoles are sold out pretty much everywhere. There is great uncertainty about when stocks will be sufficient again.

‘Keep an eye on the shops’

The demand for the new PlayStation and Xbox is much greater than the supply. There are major shortages at stores, so that not everyone who wants to can order a new console immediately.

Large Dutch (web) stores such as, MediaMarkt and Coolblue all report that the consoles are sold out. Coolblue does not write that it will know when there will be a new stock and how many copies that batch will consist of. “Calling or bringing cookies to our customer service is pointless. They can’t tell you anymore.” announces that the products are temporarily sold out. “It is still unknown when we will get new stock.” Customers can indicate that they want to be kept informed when there is a new delivery.

The same applies to the MediaMarkt, where there is also no stock. The company says it will deliver orders in order of receipt, but cannot provide specific data.

Microsoft and Sony could not provide Press useful information. “No comment” was the answer to questions such as “When will the PlayStation 5 shortage be over?” and ‘When will there be new stocks?’.

Microsoft says it is overwhelmed by the demand for the new Xbox. “We are working hard with our retail partners to fill the shortages as quickly as possible.”

Microsoft CEO Tim Stuart said earlier this week that the Xbox shortages will last until at least next April. That does not mean that no new deliveries will be made in the meantime. The spokesperson advises to keep an eye on the shops. “New shipments are coming.”



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