Everyday approximately one hundred hairs fall out, and as many replace to those who have detached themselves in an equilibrium that remains constant. But sometimes that balance is broken. An effective formulation comes to our aid for stop hair loss.

The Greeks said that nature is a continuous flow and that nobody bathes twice in the same river. Everything flows, nothing stays. This deep thought is also true in biology, in general, and in the functioning of our body in particular.

We are not the same as yesterday and we are different from those of tomorrow. Some cells are destroyed and others leave us and are replaced by new ones in our liver, our heart or our skin. In some cases, cells undergo variations in the good sense and, in others, in the bad. Thus, a normal cell suddenly becomes cancerous, or a cell that was cancerous is destroyed by our defenses and disappears, changing the future of our body.

Of all the organs of our anatomy, the one that flows and changes the fastest is our skin and, therefore, our hair. Regenerates at full speed because it is the organ that wears the most when it is in contact with the aggressive exterior and its cells. As with front-line troops, they suffer more casualties and need to be relieved more frequently than the rest of the army.

Hair is, perhaps, the area of ​​our skin where this continuous renewal is most palpably observed. In fact, every day about a hundred hairs fall out and are replaced by others. If that balance remains constant, it allows us to continue to maintain, over the years, a wonderful hair.

The problem arises when this balance is broken and we move towards a excess hair loss, which can be motivated by different problems.

In these strange times that we are living in, we are faced with a trend known as telogen effluvium. This trend marks that a huge amount of hair is shed and it is not replaced for a new one. The hair that is born is called anagen and the one that falls telogen. In this case there is a lot of telogen and no anagen.

We frequently detect this situation after taking medication such as anti-inflammatory or corticosteroid, also after fever, after the part or in situations of stress emotional. For one thing, people who have overcome Covid-19 infection have a strong tendency to telogen effluvium.

This fall, in addition, we are seeing how, due to stress and anxiety, and many times to the tension produced by teleworking, there is a strong tendency to hair loss and effluvium.

We have to get the natural hair cycle back to work. That is our goal in the lab. We do stimulating cell regeneration and, for this, we have a series of plant extracts that stimulate cells from the root.

As a lover of plants for several decades, I use my favorite formulations: the chimney, which accelerates the speed of the blood; the licorice root, which stabilizes hormonal balances; wave eriobotrya japónica and we combine it with an extract of pea sprouts.

This powerful cocktail of plants is daily application, because only in this way can the fall processes be retained, and it achieves, in a few weeks, the reversal of the process. New hair appears and the effluvium stops.

Once again, botany helps us maintain balance and let life flow, as the pre-Socratic philosophers pointed out.

Jerónimo Ors, Pharmacist and Director of Laboratorios Paquita Ors.