Despite the absence of evidence regarding the theft of votes, confirmed by the electoral authorities, the protesters shouted “four more years!” and “USA! USA ”in front of Freedom Plaza, waving“ Trump 2020 ”flags and“ Stop the theft! ”Banners.

Leaving the White House to go to the gulf, the American president, who has not yet acknowledged his failure in front of Joe Biden, could see hundreds of supporters in his armored limousine.

Anti-Trump rallies are also expected. The meeting between anti-racism activists and far-right groups such as “Proud Boys”, which defends the supremacy of whites in the US, raises fears in a tense climate in the American capital.

“It is touching to see all the tremendous support from there, especially at the support rallies that are all over the country, including one of them taking place on Saturday in Washington. Maybe I’ll stop by and say hello. These elections have been arranged, from the highest level to the lowest! ”, Trump wrote on Twitter.

According to the Washington-based Black Lives Matter movement, Trump supporters do not wear masks and would take advantage of the rally to “destroy the Black Lives Matter memorial and incite violence.”