Mayor of the Turkish city of Izmir then, Soyer has shared With their Twitter account picture of a 3-year-old Ayda Gezkinistä, which was rescued from the ruins after Friday ‘s severe earthquake.

– At 91 o’clock we experienced a miracle. Rescuers brought [..] Aydan safely out. In addition to the tremendous pain, we have experienced this joy. I am grateful for the rescuers, Soyer said.

Soyer said Aydan was four, but the Turkish health minister Fahrettin Koca later confirmed that the girl is three years old.

The dramatic images of the rescue service from the rescue site show how the girl is first buried in a completely collapsed building, and only her hand is visible.

Reporters at AFP news agency on the scene saw the girl get out of the rubble 91 hours after the earthquake.

Rescuers said it turned out late Monday that there was still someone alive in the ruins.

– I’m here, the girl had Milliyet Magazine as saying before he was rescued.

One hundred deaths

On Tuesday, Turkish rescue authorities also confirmed that one hundred people have died as a result of the earthquake. A strong magnitude 7.0 earthquake shook areas in Turkey and Greece on Friday.

In Turkey, 994 people were injured. Of those, 147 were still in the hospital, according to data on Tuesday morning, AFP says.

The quake has had 1,464 aftershocks in Turkey.

In the Izmir region of Turkey, rescue workers are still relentlessly searching for missing persons from the ruins of five collapsed buildings.

The worst devastation is in the city of Bayrakl in Izmir, from which Ayda was also rescued. On Monday, 4-year-olds and 15-year-olds were rescued from the ruins. Joy mingled with grief, as both lost a sibling in the quake.

In Greece, two teenagers were killed in an earthquake on their way home from school.