Sticks in transition: Donald Trump is asked to start collaborating with Biden’s team, but no answer yet

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The person appointed by Trump in the official agency to recognize the next president is not giving signs. Likewise, there are already contacts between both parties.

President Donald Trump faces pressure to cooperate with President-elect Joe Biden’s team to secure a transfer of power No problem when the new administration takes office in January.

The General Services Administration is tasked with formally recognizing Biden as president-elect, initiating the transition. But the agency’s Trump-appointed administrator, Emily Murphy, has not started the process and has not given no orientation about when it will.

That lack of clarity is fueling questions about whether Trump, who has failed to publicly acknowledge Biden’s victory and has falsely claimed the election was stolen, will prevent let the Democrats try to establish a government.

There is little precedent in the modern era for a president to erect such obstacles for his successor. The stakes are especially high this year as Biden will take office amid a raging pandemic, which will require a comprehensive government response.

“The national security and economic interests of the United States depend on the federal government clearly and promptly signaling that the United States government will respect the will of the American people and engage in a smooth and peaceful transfer of power,” he tweeted. Jen Psaki, Biden’s transition assistant. Sunday.

The advisory board of the Center for Presidential Transition The nonpartisan also urged the Trump administration to “immediately begin the post-election transition process and the Biden team to make the most of the resources available under the Presidential Transition Act.”

Biden, who was elected president number 46 on Saturday, is taking steps to build a government despite the doubts on whether Trump will offer traditional assistance.

It first focuses on the virus, which has already killed nearly 240,000 people in the United States. Biden announced on Monday the details of a task force that will create a plan to try to control the pandemic that he plans to begin implementing after assuming the presidency on January 20.

Former Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy, Former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. David Kessler, and Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith, associate professor and associate dean at Yale University whose research focuses on promoting equality in health care for marginalized populations, they are their chairs.

“Dealing with the coronavirus pandemic is one of the most important battles our administration will face, and science and experts will inform me,” Biden said in a statement. “The advisory board will help shape my approach to managing the increase in reported infections; ensure that vaccines are safe, effective, and distributed efficiently, equitably, and free of charge; and protect populations at risk. “

There are also 10 members, including two former Trump administration officials: Rick Bright, who said he was removed as head of the Advanced Biomedical Research and Development Authority after criticizing the federal government’s response to the coronavirus, and Luciana Borio, who even last year he was a biodefense specialist for the National Security Council.

The rest of the panel includes experts with experience in various areas, including Eric Goosby, who was then-President Barack Obama’s global AIDS coordinator.

Biden was also launching agency review teams, transition staff groups that have access to key agencies in the current administration. They will collect and review information such as dbudgetary and personnel decisions, pending regulations and other work in progress by current Trump administration staff in departments to help Biden’s team prepare for the transition.

But that process cannot fully begin until the GSA recognize biden as president-elect. Defining what constitutes a clear election winner for the GSA is legally cloudy, making the next steps unclear, especially in the short term.

The GSA leadership is supposed to act independently and non-partisan, and at least some elements of the federal government have already started implementing transition plans. Aviation officials, for example, have restricted airspace over Biden’s lakefront home in Wilmington, Delaware, while the Secret Service has begun using agents from its presidential protective detail for the president-elect and his family.

There were other signs that some leaders were preparing for a new administration.


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