Sthefany Brito details body care during pregnancy. See actress beauty tricks!

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Sthefany Brito is enjoying the pains and delights of pregnancy. Waiting for her first child, the actress explained her beauty tricks and habits during this period. “I have had drainage, which helps me not to feel bloated. I feel heavy, but not bloated! And I use, for stretch marks, a lot of oil in the belly, in the breast, in the butt …”, he told the magazine “Caras”.

Actress notes change in appetite

Proudly showing off the new body curves, Sthefany talked about eating. She even noticed differences in taste. “As I started to feel very hungry, I got to have lunch three times in one day, I tried to eat as healthy as possible. Then I started having cravings for sweets! I don’t know if, due to the belly, I can’t eat like before “, said the artist, who gained 13 kg during pregnancy.

Artist cites nausea in early pregnancy

According to Sthefany, she felt sick in the first months. “I had three months of being very sick at night. In the morning, I ate well and had lunch. Then, I couldn’t eat any more! I didn’t get to lose weight, but I didn’t get fat,” he said. Sthefany also said that he is already making plans for the time of Antonio Enrico’s birth: “I will try normal. But, before anything, I am prepared for the best for both of us, especially for him”.

Sthefany Brito tells how she feels during pregnancy

Sthefany also revealed that she thought the baby’s sex was wrong. “This paranoia came from videos I saw on the internet, but in all the ultras he is there, with a very open leg, looking like he really wants to show it! I have had more heartburn. And I pee, I get up three to four times a night. I also feel insomnia and pain in the back and coccyx. This end is kind of pulled, being sincere … But all for him! “, he pointed out.

Actress says how she rebuilt marriage to businessman

Married to Igor Raschkovski, Sthefany was separated from the businessman for six months. Asked if it was Antonio Enrico who brought them together, the actress guaranteed: “I would never go back to a wedding because of a son. We had already returned, without anyone knowing. I thought it was important. Even for us to have our time. And then Enrico came to crown this moment. . It is the multiplication and confirmation of our love. We are very happy “. Realizing his big dream, Sthefany added: “I hope to be very partner with my son, but always putting limits. I only ask for wisdom to educate with values ​​and for him to be a conscious human, with empathy and respect for others”.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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