Sthefany Brito denies birth of first child and explains absence of the web

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Sthefany Brito clarified the rumors that she had already given birth to her first child. In her profile on social networks, the actress guaranteed that the child was not yet born. “Guys, Enrico wasn’t born. I disappeared today for reasons of: they broke into my account here on Instagram. I spent the day in that role and now the night I got access again. There is a new scam going on … Tomorrow I explain better”, he said this Sunday (25). Sthefany is in her ninth month of pregnancy. The baby is the result of his marriage to businessman Igor Raschkovsky, from whom he has already kissed the belly.

Sthefany Brito denies birth of first child

Sthefany also explained his absence on the web. “I’m here waiting for a signal from Enrico and instead my account is hacked [risos]. Meanwhile, my chubby man remains firm and strong inside the oven. I will try to sleep because in a little while you will have a pee waking me up, heartburn or back pain. Good night, “concluded the artist. With everything going for the delivery, Sthefany shared a photo of her son’s ultrasound and talked about the boy’s layette when he had to interrupt the video.” It’s hard to breathe, “he said last week.

Actress prepares pets for Enrico’s arrival

Since discovering that she was pregnant, Sthefany has posted about the pets gaining a new sibling and is concerned about including them in the new phase. Recently, the actress was irritated by the criticism received after showing that London and Montalcino had contact with the utility rug that will be used by Enrico. “The on-call judges attack. From time to time there are ‘judges’ too, but it is more difficult. Most are women and, amazingly, mothers. They should know that at this time of pregnancy they should have empathy, but they should not even know what meaning of that “, soared.

Artist began to rebut criticism in pregnancy

Sthefany regretted the “absurd ignorance” in the comments. “Everything that will stay in his room is being sanitized. Everything is clean for the baby, who arrives without defenses, with a weak immune system. Do you think I’m going to put Enrico there without having washed it? It’s absurd! ? They are looking for an answer, “he said. Sthefany even confessed that he can no longer ignore criticism on account of hormones. “Before, I didn’t answer anything about negative or critical comments. I just let it go! But now with hormones on the skin, I haven’t been able to,” he said on another occasion.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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