Stewards to Consider AlphaTauri’s Controversial Actions

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FIA technical delegate Joe Bauer informed the stewards about the controversial situation with the car of Pierre Gasly.

On Saturday evening, AlphaTauri approached the FIA ​​with a request to replace the power plant in Gasly’s car. The application was approved at 18:55 after a written request from the team.

The car was disassembled, the internal combustion engine and radiators were removed, but in the morning the team unexpectedly withdrew their request [прежняя силовая установка остаётся], which suggests that the replacement of the power plant was requested for strategic reasons.

Moreover, the car was disassembled to such a stage that it was not possible for the FIA ​​regulatory authorities to establish the compliance of all other components of the car with the specifications that were at the time of qualification.

The FIA ​​suspects that the long-term work with the car at night was caused by the solution of some other problems, and not by the replacement of the power plant – and referred the issue to the stewards.

If it is found that the specification of some components and parts has changed between qualification and the race, the team will be accused of violating the conditions of the closed park and Gasley will be forced to start from the pit lane.



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