Stevie Nicks, the singer who decided to undergo an abortion to continue her career: “That was my mission in the world”

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He assured that if he did not, Fleetwood Mac would not have continued, and that he knew that his music would “heal hearts and make many people happy.”

When in February 1976 Fleetwood Mac entered to record what would be the album Rumours, which with the passage of time would become the band’s top work, which had the voices of Stevie Nicks Y Christine McVie, things between its members were not going well at all.

Those were times when the marriage of John (bassist and singer) and Christine (keyboardist and singer) was in the process of falling apart, the couple that formed Lindsey Buckingham (guitarist and singer) and Nicks (singer) was a time bomb and Mick Fleetwood (drummer and leader of the group) had just discovered that his wife, Jenny (sister of Patty Boyd, wife of George Harrison and later of Eric Clapton), was cheating on him with a friend.

However, neither the tensions, nor the fights, nor the jealousy, nor thehectoliters of alcohol and bags of cocaine who framed the creative process could against that sum of talents at the peak of their potential, which ended up producing one of the best rock albums in the long history of the genre. In addition to one of the most commercially successful.

Ten million copies sold in a month and some 40 million more since then, it led the US sales chart for 31 weeks, it was the group’s first LP to reach the top of the Billboard 200 and the British rankings, four singles –Go Your Own Way, Dreams, Don’t Stop Y You Make Loving Fun– in the Top 10 of the country, Album of the year for the “electors” of the Grammy Awards. All in favor.

Of course, with the disk at the top of the rankings, what came almost immediately fell ripe. Three weeks after the album was released, on February 4, 1977, the band embarked on a seven-month American promotional tour, with a European intermission included, and the feeling that the new material had not yet hooked on taste. of the old fans of the band.

Even so, Fleetwood Mac’s reach would continue to expand on the hits of Rumours and despite their leader’s decision to kick the board with the next album, Tusk, an “experimental” stunt double released in October 1979, which beyond three singles that ranked respectable, Tusk, Think About Me Y Sara, capsized amid low sales and a low impact that, however, failed to stop the inertia generated by its predecessor, which resulted in a one-year tour.

In that context, as she recently told it, Stevie Nicks made that same year one of the decisions that marked her for her entire life. “If I did not have an abortion, I am absolutely sure that there would have been no Fleetwood Mac“, confessed the singer to The Guardian, when remembering the interruption of a pregnancy as a result of his relationship with Eagles co-founder and leader Don Henley.

“Simply there was no way i could have a child So, working as hard as we did, constantly. Also, there were a lot of drugs; I was taking a lot of drugs … I would have had to open up about everything, “explained the artist.

In addition, Nicks argued that he had a mission to fulfill: “I knew that the music that we were going to bring to the world was going to heal the hearts of many people and make them happy. And I thought: ‘You know what? That is really very important. There is no other band in the world that has two women as lead singers, two female songwriters … That was my mission in the world ‘“.

The mention of the subject, by the singer not only has to do with remembering the past, in which she recognizes “the right of women to abort” as “a fight” of his generation, but has a direct link to a present in which those rights could be curtailed, in the event that Donald Trump is reelected as president of the United States.

“If President Trump wins this election and puts the justice he wants (Amy Coney Barrett) on the Supreme Court, she will absolutely outlaw him and will push women to clandestine abortions“, advirtió Nicks.

While she is kept safe to protect herself from Covid-19 infections, the artist assures that at 72 years old do not think about retiring or in ending his career, and that going out to play is what he likes the most. In fact, the next 25 and 26 October the film will premiere in theaters in the United States. The 24 Karat Gold Tour, which records his 2016 tour.

Stop singing would kill me. It is not just singing; is to go out to dance on stages around the world again, “said Nicks, who said that if there is one thing he regrets, it is having fallen into the addiction to tranquilizers, which began in 1986 and lasted for eight years.

While he admitted, in an interview with The Guardian, which was not a particular period of his life, the drug prevented him from being creative. “It’s a very subtle drug – you just don’t feel much about it, or so you think,” Nicks said. And added “On the bottle it says ‘Take what you need’. That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard. Because you think: ‘Well I need it every two hours’. Is addiction in a bottle.”



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