Steve Carell is smart working Santa Claus in a delightful little advertising film

The funny commercial starring Steve Carell as a Santa Claus tired, like the elves, of working in smart working, in search of the perfect gift, made Americans crazy.

Released yesterday for Thanksgiving, The Greatest Gift, the greatest gift, is a delightful little film with Steve Carell, which sent the actor immediately among the trends on social media. It matters little that this is a commercial for Xfinity, which in America combines streaming, cable, telephone and other services: in a word, it keeps people in touch.

And this is precisely the advertising message. Even Santa Claus, played with panache by Carell, is in black crisis this year. It is difficult to find the ideal gift when you are forced to work in smart working and videoconferencing with your elves, bored like you. And maybe you are also a bit old for technology. Between a grumble and a gorging, this nice Santa Claus with his helpers finally manages, thanks to one of them, to understand that it is precisely the things that allow us to keep in touch the precious ones.

A box with snowball fights between family members, a net to defend the little ones from pinching their cheeks, the grandfather who always tells the same story … the important thing is to keep those good memories alive the spirit of Christmas, even in this terrible year.


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