The purchase or sale of used vehicles is a market that continues to grow thanks to its many advantages, such as the ease of getting a car or a motorcycle from one day to the next or the lower price of these models; and its less and less disadvantages, since the control of the traffic authorities on this type of transactions and the state of the vehicle for sale are increasing, in addition to the purchase guarantees.

Guide to buying a second-hand car and being victorious in the attempt

But for safely and legally complete the sale of a used vehicle It is necessary to have a series of documents and to complete several procedures. Transferring a second hand vehicle it is nothing more than the change of ownership of the car or motorcycle that is for sale and is a procedure that involves both the buyer and the seller.

As preliminary steps it is necessary for the buyer to make sure that the vehicle to be transferred does not have any load, since it is he who has to carry out the whole process. For its part, the seller must, once the contract is signed, notify the sale of the vehicle.

First step: the documents

The first thing to do to complete the vehicle transfer is to make sure you have all the necessary documents for it. Thus, the sales contract that reflects the information of both parties and the property for sale, a photocopy of the seller’s ID, the buyer’s original ID, the circulation permit and the application form for the change of holder. To these documents, proof of payment from the Treasury must be added.

Can I apply for aid to buy a used car?

Second step: Hacienda

Before going to the Traffic Headquarters, you must pay the property transfer tax corresponding to the Treasury. Model 620 will have to be used or 621 depending on the type of transaction. The fees must be paid by the buyer and vary between 4% and 10% depending on the Autonomous Community of residence of the buyer.

Third step: appointment in Traffic

Once the buyer has collected all the documents and has paid the corresponding payment in the Treasury, You must request an appointment in Traffic and go to the nearest headquarters to make the change of ownership of the purchased vehicle effective. Finally, an administrative fee of 54’60 euros will have to be paid in the case of motor vehicles and 27’38 euros in the case of mopeds.

To complete all this management You have 30 days from the signing of the contract of sale. The process of transferring a vehicle can be relatively cumbersome but it is not complicated, so avoiding an agency to carry it out can save the buyer’s pocket.