Steiner: Mazepin is one of the candidates for the Haas seat

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After Gunther Steiner’s meeting with the father of Formula 2 driver Nikita Mazepin, billionaire Dmitry Mazepin, there were rumors about the possible sale of the team. The head of Haas F1 denied the rumors, but confirmed the interest in the Russian driver.

Gunther Steiner: “I have known Mr. Mazepin for some time, for obvious reasons he was in Sochi. Together with his family, he visited our motorhome and drank a cup of coffee. That’s all. Our team is not for sale.

Now in Formula 2 a good season – there are plenty to choose from. Nikita Mazepin is one of the contenders for a place in the team. He won races and is now sixth overall. Of course, we are considering all options.

There are many talented riders in the pilot market, so I am in no rush to make a decision. On Saturday morning, Lance Stroll felt bad – and a few hours later, Nico Hulkenberg got behind the wheel of the Racing Point. He has no contract, but no one will say that he lacks talent. It didn’t take long for Racing Point to find a new driver. The same goes for next year. I’m not hurrying.

In Germany, both of our pilots could have earned points, but I am glad that at least one of our cars finished in the top ten. The safety car helped and hindered us at the same time. I don’t know what happened if it wasn’t for the safety car. After the restart, Kevin was very close to Giovinazzi, and if he got ahead of him, he would have held the position. But it is difficult to overtake in our car. Kevin’s tires went cold and he was left behind.

Choosing riders for the next season, we can not give in to emotions and make decisions based on a particular race. The long-term perspective of the team depends on him, so I will calmly think about which riders are best for us and help us make progress in the next two or three years. It is unlikely that we will announce the squad before the Portuguese Grand Prix. “



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