One of the wildfires that has replaced the state of California in the United States has grown to be the largest in the state’s modern history. The fire that erupted in Tehama County has now spread over an area of ​​more than 190,000 hectares.

– It was awful. It was a monster. It’s a monster, a shocked resident of the area condensing his feelings into a news channel CNN: where.

Dozens of other fires are also burning along the west coast of the U.S., some of which are already connected. In addition, the five largest fires in the state’s history will all be located in 2018–2020, he says San Francisco Chronicle -lehti.

Authorities warn that the number of casualties required by wildfires is likely to turn to drastic growth in the coming days. There are at least 11 confirmed deaths to date in California and three in neighboring Oregon. In addition, a 1-year-old boy died in flames in Washington state.

Hundreds of homes have been destroyed. Air quality is also extremely poor due to smoke in many places on the west coast.

Governor of the State of Oregon Kate Brown warned as early as Wednesday that the fires were also becoming the most devastating in Oregon history. More than half a million Oregons, more than one in ten residents of the state, have already been evacuated under the flames.

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Hot and dry

Fire-fighting and containment work is hampered by the record heat, winds and drought on the west coast. Next week, temperatures are forecast to fall slightly.

Both Brown and California State Governor Gavin Newsom have blamed the embarrassing situation outright on climate change.

– I do not have the slightest bit of understanding for those who deny climate change. Given the reality and everything we are now experiencing, that position is completely inconsistent, Newsom said on tuesday.

According to climate researchers, global warming is exacerbating extreme weather conditions during both rainy and dry seasons. This first leads to more than normal growth of the vegetation and then to drying out, which in turn provides more “fuel” for the devastating fires.

Southern California Mercury News also lists poorly managed forests and high lightning levels in late summer as other reasons for worsening burn years. Many of the now raging fires are reportedly ignited by lightning strikes.

The “fire season” off the west coast of the U.S. will continue for another four months, but the all-time annual “record” in the area of ​​burnt terrain has already been broken.

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