Star Eran Zavi praises his teammate: ‘It was an honor to work alongside him.

On Wednesday night, Eran Zahavi proved to be worth gold for PSV with a hat-trick and an amazing assist. Roger Schmidt’s team defeated Galatasaray 5-1 in the second round of Champions League qualifying. Zahavi wanted to pay attention to the Eindhoven group’s performance, despite being the star. The Israeli stressed that every goal was special, but the most important thing was that today we made a significant step forward in team spirit.

“It’s always nice to score goals, but Mario’s goal was a nice combination,” Zahavi said on the 3-1, in which he had a large share with a nice heel on Mario Götze. “It was a beautiful move. Mario makes my life easier. “I’m happy.” His hat trick had little to with the slightly changed playing style from last season. “Last season I also felt good in the striker. It doesn’t matter much to me.”

Zahavi felt it was special to play for fans. 23500 supporters were welcomed at the Philips Stadium. “We felt a special atmosphere here from the warm-up. I thought we displayed great team spirit at the pitch. This is the way we want to play.”

Zahavi decided this summer to stay at PSV despite the fact that his family was mugged at their home. “Because I’m happy at the club and I think we have a good team. While last season was not easy, this season is going to be a lot easier. PSV wants to take part in the Champions League’s main tournament. “I’ve played it twice, I know how special it is. It’s not easy, but you must suffer. A tough fight awaits us in Turkey as well.”

Schmidt was extremely satisfied with PSV’s performance. “We played as we wanted and did it for 90 minutes. We were never satisfied with hunting and we always captured many balls. Galatasaray was therefore limited in its opportunities. As this was sometimes a problem during the previous season, it was vital to be able to take advantage of the opportunities tonight. It was different now. This is a good result.”

Schmidt was not content to consider himself rich, even though PSV could lose the Istanbul return by three goals. “We should never underestimate a Turkish team. We were able to take advantage of home field tonight, and everyone witnessed how great our fans were. We expect the exact same in Istanbul. We have to enjoy this evening and then prepare for the return.”


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