Stand out vocalist gains

Along with the skeletal system, the 1st lady gained the 3rd period of “The Disguised Performer”. These famous people lagged the disguises.

5 cloaked famous people began the large “The Disguised Performer” ultimate on Tuesday night. It was actually lastly shown that was actually under the clothing of anubis, skeletal system, invader, hippopotamus as well as meerkat. In event setting, the area was actually originally weakened prior to it was actually absolute which star will outdistance in the long run. That was actually the assistance staff around Sonja Zietlow, 52, as well as Bülent Ceylan, 44, that was actually muscled building supplement through in 2013’s champion Tom Stream, 42, (sluggishness), right? What discovery shocked every person?

Daniela Katzenberger as well as Luca Cordalis concealed under deluxe disguises

Initially, the finalists contended versus one another in war royale setting. The unusual stuck out especially, along with a brand new hairdo as well as power guitar ready, wedged responsible for the mic as well as overturned it as well as its own position while shaking to “Absolute best Of You” due to the Foo Fighters – yet the condition fixed efficiently as well as along with the large guitar Single whirled around significantly on the flooring in the direction of completion of the track. No surprise that it obviously acquired one of the most ballots coming from the viewers as well as was actually the 1st to become specific when the ballot was actually revealed. Likewise following were actually the skeletal system, which supplied customarily, as well as the Anubis, that encouraged along with his efficiency of Papa Cockroach’s “Last option”. So the hippopotamus as well as the meerkat pair were actually still the weak applicants. The hippo gained the battle therefore the meerkats needed to remove their disguises. The assistance of the assistance staff prior to the direct exposure was actually consensual: Daniela Katzenberger, 34, as well as Lucas Cordalis, 53, remain in the clothing – as well as they in fact concealed under the deluxe disguises.

Ben Blümel was actually beat due to the invader

The battles in the semifinals were actually hence specific: Anubis versus unusual as well as hippopotamus versus skeletal system. Anubis vocalized “Sonne” through Rammstein, the Invader took part along with “The Audio of Muteness” through Simon & Garfunkel, yet each supplied an attractive efficiency in their very own method as well as confirmed just how unpredictable they are actually. The viewers just liked the Invader much better, the Anubis needed to expose themself: It was actually vocalist Ben Blümel, 39. The reckoning staff corrected once more. Sonja Zietlow as well as Tom Stream possessed, rather with certainty, suspected the “angel” vocalist. Bülent Ceylan alone had actually tensed on star Elyas M’Barek, 38.

The 2nd semi-final was actually competed due to the beloved, the skeletal system, as well as the hippopotamus. The last needed to go to begin with as well as establish bench rather higher along with Tina Turner’s “Just The very best”. Along with “Representation” through Christina Aguilera, the skeletal system performed certainly not rely upon a stony amount along with a considerable amount of energy for the very first time, yet on a moving track, through which it managed to participate in out the durabilities of its own effective vocal. The efficiency was actually likewise enough: the viewers elected the skeletal system right into the huge ending. As well as that was actually under the hippopotamus outfit? Zietlow suspected vocalist Sign Medlock, 42, Stream as well as Ceylan on TELEVISION cook Nelson Müller, 41: It was in fact Nelson Müller. 3 away from 3 for the assistance staff.

Sarah Lombardi succeeds “The Disguised Performer” as a skeletal system

In the ultimate battle, the unusual as well as the skeletal system played their beloved track coming from the period. The unusual vocalized once more in numerous foreign languages” Perfect Harmony” through Ed Sheeran, 29 as well as Andrea Bocelli, 62. By the end the reckoning staff once more suspected entertainer Luke Mockridge, 31 as well as Manager Hoss vocalist Alec Völkel, 48. The skeletal system chose “Dirty Diana “through Michael Jackson (1958-2009). Right here the reckoning staff alternated once more in between Mandy Capristo, 30, Sarah Lombardi, 28 as well as Marie Wegener, 19.

Not long after that the selection was actually created. The champion of the 3rd period of “The Disguised Performer” is actually the skeletal system – as well as it was actually opportunity for the invader to remove the cover-up as well as show themself. In the lovely outfit, Alec Völkel had actually encouraged the viewers for full weeks. The assistance staff landed yet another smash hit.

As well as that was actually right now under the skeletal system outfit? This inquiry was actually merely addressed after what believed that a lengthy business rupture. After the prize was actually entrusted, the skeletal system lastly needed to remove its own bony cover-up. It was actually none apart from vocalist Sarah Lombardi, 28, – as well as below, extremely, the assistance staff corrected once more.



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