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Great struggles are never individual but usually have leaders. In the United States, in the war against vote suppression and for voter education and mobilization, Stacey Abrams has reaffirmed itself as a national icon.

The vision, determination, intelligence and organizational skills of this woman from 46 years that in the 2018 he was about to become the first black governor from the US have helped Joe Biden get imposed on Georgia, a southern state with 16 votes in the electoral college that for nearly three decades has been a republican fiefdom. And the multiracial and multigenerational coalition similar to the one that formed around Barack Obama has also been vital for the fight for the two seats in the Senate is so even that I must go to a Second round.

Whatever happens in that appointment on January 5, in which the control of the Senate and with it in large part Biden’s ability to form his Government and carry out his agenda, Abrams has managed not only to make Georgia the state through which the country’s immediate political destiny passes, but also the “spearhead” showing a path of the future for progressives in a changed country. Because for her “the demographics are not destiny, they are only one opportunity& rdquor ;. And he has known how to show the fruits of stopping ignoring the colored people, a young boys, a poor and to the remote rural communities.

Daughter of the south

Abrams defines himself as a “daughter of the south& rdquor ;, because although he was born in Wisconsin and studied law at Yale (Connecticut), his life has been developed mainly in Mississippi, Texas and Georgia. He carries in his veins the fight for civil rights and he has dedicated the last two decades of his life to focus on one of the chapters that are still open in that fight: trying to guarantee democracy for all and combat the suppression of minority votes.

Antigua tax attorney (and writer under the pseudonym of romantic novels), he fought between 2007 and 2017 when he was in the state legislature, from where he launched the New Georgia Project seeks to guarantee access to vote, protect the rights of citizens, encourage new voters, involve young people, increase diversity … He put the fight into practice in 2018, when he aspired to run for office in Atlanta. He was left alone 55,000 votes of the four million issued against Brian Kemp, until then Secretary of State, a position from which the elections are controlled and in which the Republican for six years had been carrying out habitual tricks of the conservatives such as voter purges of the electoral roll.

Abrams never delivered the award speech. It was not considered defeated. Transformed New Georgia Project in Fair Fight. And already elevated to the national scene with signs such as being chosen to give the Response to Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address In 2019, Abrams reaffirmed his phenomenal collection capacity and put more than 33 million dollars in the group’s coffers (recently he joked that it has become “a really good beggar& rdquor;). The money has been distributed to help Democrats across the country, but the focus has been on Georgia, where in two years it has achieved register more than 800,000 voters. 49% were under 30 years old; 45% they weren’t white.

“Holistic view”

What Abrams has, as he explained in a Hillary Clinton podcast, is “a holistic view of what it is to be a democrat. It’s not just about how to win elections but of hearts and minds and sustainability so that we all move in the same direction & rdquor ;, it said, no matter who is the candidate or what the race.

Abrams, who considered launching his own presidential candidacy and did not hide his ambition for Biden to choose her as a candidate for vice president, remember that what has been achieved now has been “a team effort & rdquor;. In his social media posts, he mentions other people and groups that have helped turn Georgia blue, a state that will try again to govern in 2022. But the truth is that the general applause is for her, and now the eyes are turning, with an eye on January 5, but also beyond.

“We make the possible happen and we can do it throughout the country, in each community, in each issue because we will not stop & rdquor ;, said Abrams, whose struggle is reflected in the documental ‘All in. The fight for democracy’. “We will not give up, we will not give in, but, more importantly, we will dream bigger of what they (the Republicans) think our imagination can hold & rdquor ;.



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