Spotify is one of the services of streaming most popular today and is functional both for users who want to find their favorite artists, and for emerging musicians who seek to make themselves known through the platform.

Under this logic, the musical application has announced a new tool that will allow artists to prioritize particular songs within Spotify’s algorithms.

“Artists and record labels can identify songs that are a priority for them and our system will add that signal to the algorithms that determine custom playback sessions,” the company explained in a statement.

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Greater visibility on Spotify for a lower fee

To ensure that artists have access to the tool at any stage in their careers, Spotify it will not require any initial budget.

However, record labels or rights holders must agree to receive a promotional recording royalty fee for broadcasts in personalized listening sessions.

“If the songs resonate with listeners, we will continue to test them in similar sessions. If the songs don’t work well, they’ll be dropped quickly Listener satisfaction is our top priority: we do not guarantee location for labels or artists, and we only recommend music that we think listeners will want to hear, ”the company adds.

This means that yes Spotify considers and detects that the selected songs are successful, the algorithm will be able to insert them in more sessions; otherwise, if the recommendation is not working optimally, it will lose visibility.

Artists who use this tool, yes, will have to accept a different rate than usual; They will not have to pay to use this tool, but they will receive less money for the reproductions obtained thanks to this utility.

To get started, Spotify will focus on applying this service to its formats Radio Y Autoplay, where listeners seek to discover new music. Little by little more content will be implemented within the platform.

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