Spotify is working on new features: Karaoke mode and much more

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There is no doubt that Spotify is the service of streaming most popular music content in the world today. This is why it is so important every time your developers are thinking of introducing a new feature to their platform. And, according to the leaked, Spotify it would soon launch Karaoke Mode and many more features.

Karaoke Mode has a self-explanatory name, but the way this mode would run is quite interesting. By entering Karaoke Mode, users can regulate the volume of the original voice, allowing us to choose how alone we want to sing on the artist’s track.

All the new functions that Spotify would be preparing

All the new features were leaked by renowned developer Jane Manchun Wong who already has a long history of leaking features from Spotify. And while the developer has not revealed when the team will be rolling out Spotify it is interesting to know what they have in hand for the future.

Another new attraction would be the Group Session mode. It would basically allow users to connect multiple mobile devices connected on the same Wi-Fi network so that they all play the same content simultaneously. This is a great way to use multiple Bluetooth speakers simultaneously. A great idea for a house party.

Finally, the developer team of Spotify I would be planning on changing the Auto Mode interface to make all the content on the platform easier, simpler and more visible. After all, what we who use this mode want is to distract ourselves as little as possible by changing songs or looking for new artists to play.

Spotify would soon launch Karaoke Mode in conjunction with other features, including a redesign for Podcasts. While this feature hasn’t picked up many taps in the past few months, Spotify seeks to make it increasingly popular content.


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