TPS–HPK 3–4 rl.

Tappara – Sport 0–1 and.

KooKoo – Pelicans 2–3

In Turku Timur Ibragimov took the hosts to the lead with a brazen drive from the HPK guard Daniel Lebedeffin to the finish.

Juuso Pärssinen captain added Turku management at the end of the batch Lauri Korpikoski excellent presentation work. The hit was the first of a 19-year-old season of TPS talent born in Hämeenlinna.

At the beginning of the second set, Korpikoski scored a penalty shot, but failed to finish it.

At the end of the batch Jere Innala sivalsi The old maestron of the Club narrowing Petri Kontiolan delicacies. The power point was Inna’s league career in the 100th regular season.

HPK reached the levels in the final batch with superiority Markus Nenosen season opener. The entry point was re-entered by Kontiola, as was the case soon after Tommi Tikan in the yv goal, with which Kerho moved to 3–2 lead.

However, the thrilling play was not over yet. TPS gold helmet Josh Kestner struck out with a handicap from Pärssinen’s brilliant cross pass with three minutes left in the third inning.

Kontiola has been equally involved in all the goals scored during HPK’s early season, and the power of his five matches is already 1 + 7 = 8. That’s enough to top the League points market.

In extra time, Kestner had the opportunity to become a hero, but like Korpikoski, he also failed in the penalty shootout.

An experienced HPK kit became the winner in the winning goal competition Ville Koistinen.

The season of the reigning champion, HPK, who celebrated gold in the spring of 2019, started grimly, but in its fifth match, it finally took its season-opening victory.

Tappara bowed to Sport

In Tampere, the opening round was goalless. The goalkeepers still didn’t have to contract. That’s what the fights are about: Tapparan Domink Hrachovina 5, Sportin Rasmus Reijola 4.

In the first two sets, the pods were whistled only to Sport, a total of four doubles, but Tappara did not succeed in scoring even with a 5-3 lead.

While the final batch was still unpainted, Jonne Virtanen solved the game for Vaasa residents in overtime. The striker, who scored his second goal of the season, confirmed his position as Sport’s best scorer.

The away win with numbers 1–0 was Sport’s second to the tube, as was the zero game for Reijola.

Pelicans applied for the score

Captain Pelicans, who played the 300th regular season match in Kouvola Hannes Björninen directed the guests from Lahti to the front.

KooKoo kit Oskari Manninen however, shot from the line leveling even before the middle of the batch.

The beginning of the second batch followed the same formula. The Pelicans started strongly, and Jonatan Tanus took the visitors with a 2-1 lead in the season’s opening goal, but KooKoo quickly made it to the levels Trevor Mingoian by hitting.

Between hits, Pelicans had time to change goalkeeper: Jasper Patrikainen fire Patrik Bartosakin between the posts.

Also in the final round, the people from Lahti first succeeded in scoring, and KooKoo did not rise from it anymore. Born of a sharp counterattack Iikka Kangasniemi The 3–2 victory goal was also the first of the season for him.