Since it arrived Super Mario Sunshine, With Mario 64 Y Mario Galaxy in Super Mario 3D All-Stars for Nintendo Switch, fans have spent hours and hours reliving these classics.

If you had a chance to play Super Mario Sunshine in GameCube Back in 2002, you probably remember that there are a lot of funny characters and enemies in this title; however, there is a specific participant, a lonely and abandoned Toad yellow, which is forever trapped below the map.

Yes, this is how you read it. A popular channel of YouTube called Boundary Break, is dedicated to using camera tools and hacks to explore the 3D world of video games and, of course, could not pass up the opportunity to analyze Super Mario Sunshine.

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In the analysis, the spectators have the possibility to see all the elements that float outside the limits of the map, as well as other assets that are not used in the game.

However, there is one detail in particular that caught the attention of the players and that is that a Toad trapped under Delfino Plaza. It should be noted that this horrible fact only happens in the original version for GameCube.

When does it happen? In the moment in which Bowser Jr. appears with his submarine. A Toad Yellow emerges under the map while the level is loading.

The other characters continue as if nothing and interact normally, but the Toad lonely stays down, trapped in the unknown dimensions of the video game.

Fortunately, according to the channel, this bug was fixed in the improved version of Nintendo Switch, but that does not mean that Toad stop being trapped in the original game, as you are still lost in the vastness of pixels.

To learn more secrets of Super Mario Sunshine, take a look at the following video:

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Have you noticed this terrifying detail in your game of GameCube?