When Sony revealed the official design of PlayStation 5 In the framework of a digital event on June 11, he also announced that one of the launch titles would be Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a game that certainly aroused the enthusiasm of the fans due to the tremendous success it had with critics and the public Marvel’s Spider-Man in 2018.

The development of Miles Morales was an exemplary kept secret, and although the enthusiasm was there, the doubts about whether it was a full game or a expansion of 2018 they did not wait.

And now, having played it thoroughly as part of our coverage of the release of PlayStation 5, we can say that the least thing is if it is an expansion or a separate game, because Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a good example of what the new generation of consoles can achieve technically in its first phase of life.

Set one year after the events of the 2018 game, Spider-Man: Miles Morales focuses on the titular character, who has already begun training with Peter Parker to master his arachnid powers.

New York is in political tension, as the elections for the municipal council are about to take place, and in the race is Río Morales, Miles’s mother, and under this panorama the confrontation between the corporation becomes evident. Roxxon and a group called Underground.

With his home Harlem in the middle of the conflict, Miles will be forced to leave his fears behind and convince himself that he does not need to be the companion of another hero, because he himself is spider man.

The proposal of Spider-Man: Miles Morales is the same as Marvel’s Spider-Man: It is an action-adventure title in third-person perspective that takes place in a open world in which there is freedom to explore and follow the missions of the story, or to do alternate missions that range from helping the inhabitants of New York fighting crimes that are unfolding in real time, going to hunt for collectibles that are scattered across the map, or complete the various challenges that help improve skills and level up.

As in the 2018 game, much of the charm lies with the movement design and control scheme, as the user has complete control over the way the hero moves through the city swinging in its cobwebs, since it is necessary that there are objects around in which they can adhere, while in the swing each one decides at what moment jump manually to generate more momentum, be it to have more speed or to reach high places.

To this is added that Spider-Man can walk and run on the walls of buildings and automatically avoid obstacles, resulting in a uninterrupted movement that infects the dizzying feeling of being the friendly spider neighbor.

The best thing is that from its start Spider-Man: Miles Morales offers the user all the movements that in the game of 2018 are unlockedIn other words, it does not waste time and leaves us in the middle of the action with a full range of skills in our hands. The explanations come more from the side of the combat system, which by the way is based on that of the previous game, but adds several changes to make it clear that this is a separate adventure with its own personality.

The Complementation between the four action buttons is essential to emerge victorious from a confrontation. Square is to attack, Triangle is to use the spider web, Circle to evade and X to jump, and the recommendation is that the combinations that are made between them attend to the specific situation.

For example, if there is one armed among a group of enemies, it is best to remove the weapon with the spider web and isolate it from the rest by taking it into the air to connect a combo there, and after incapacitating it, arrive with the others in a combat logic in 360 ° practically equal to that of the saga Batman: Arkham, in which we are even notified when to apply evasion to continue with the chain of attacks.

One of the hallmarks of the 2018 game is that Miles has skills that only belong to him and that are related to the poison, translated into electric shocks that can be used in different situations, such as incapacitating several enemies with a single hit on the ground, or breaking the guard of those who have technology that prevents a normal attack from affecting them.

These poison skills require a bar that is filled with the attacks, combos and finishers They are struck or, out of combat, with the lots that are made in the air as Spider-Man moves through the city. Also, from this same bar it is possible to draw life during duels.

The camouflage It is another Miles ability and it also expands the possibilities of strategy during combat.

Combat, poison Y camouflage they are part of a skill tree that are unlocked with points that are collected by doing missions and depending on the level you have at the moment, that is, it will be impossible to get one that requires level 16 when you have eight.

Additionally, Spider-Man can acquire gadgets to help you during combat and for this you will need to have activity tokens O technology pieces, found when doing all kinds of missions or as part of collectibles, respectively.

This leads us to talk about suits, a point of extreme obsession when it comes to arachnid games, and in that sense Spider-Man: Miles Morales It does not disappoint, as it boasts a wide variety whose unlocking depends on the level you have, on having reached a certain point in history, or on a certain amount of activity tokens and pieces of technology.

Hence the importance of do main and alternate missions and to travel the map frequently, because if you want to have cosmetic or playability improvements, it will be necessary to have all the requirements that they ask for.

But that will not be a problem, because in addition to the fact that the map is an imposing extension of almost six kilometers from north to southSimply slide the DualSense touchpad to the left to open the catalog of activities and crimes that can be dealt with. In other words, keep busy it is a guarantee in this title, which will increase its duration, which by default is short as we had anticipated.

Be careful, the fact that it is a short game It is not to the detriment of the experience it provides, because we are talking about a title with which it is impossible not to stay with a permanent smile drawn on the faceWhether it’s because of the emotional nature of his story, the empathic character of his characters, the impressiveness of his cinematics, the thrill of his quick time events, or the way he conveys being a friendly superhero who is always concerned about his family and neighborhood.

Talking about technical section It’s important pointing that Spider-Man: Miles Morales on PlayStation 5 it has two graphic modes: Fidelity Y performance. The first runs to 30 FPS and 4K and offers the features that have been highlighted so much in this new console, such as the ray tracing and additional visual effects. The second runs to 60 FPS, but it does not offer such features and its 4K is dynamic.

Starting from the fact that it is a game that looks similar to 2018 -a title that already impacted on the graphic-, new technologies help to enhance the visuals, so that the ray tracing becomes apparent from the first few minutes and provides a greater sense of realism thanks to the behavior of light and reflections.

The SSD PlayStation 5 makes it possible for loading times are almost non-existent And that can be seen from the way that starting the game takes only a few seconds, or how to move from one point of the city to another with the help of fast travel is practically instantaneous.

The audio design He is brilliant and is also key in conveying the feeling of being Spider-Man, especially when we are swinging between buildings, or when Miles does a finisher with the full power of his poison abilities.

Not everything is amazing like Spider-Man in this game, and on several occasions we meet bugs that made us restart the game, so it only remains to wait for them to be corrected by virtue of patches that come out once the game hits the market.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales It may not be new like the one it was two years ago, but it is definitely a great game that reminds us of what made its predecessor so special. It is a game that emphasizes action and a sense of immersion, without neglecting his characters for a single moment, with whom it is impossible not to get involved.

And also his graphic quality and the use of technologies PlayStation 5 make it a right foot debut of the new generation of Sony.

Rating: 9.0 / 10
Spider-Man: Miles Morales
Year: 2020
Developer: Insomniac Games
Publisher: Sony
Revised version: PlayStation 5
Also available: PlayStation 4