Spanish Olympic Team is concerned about Dani Ceballos’ ankle images

Spain began the Olympics on Thursday against Egypt with a 0-0 draw, but this result is not causing any major concern in the Spanish camp. Taher Mohamed caused Dani Ceballos’ ankle injury, which led to him having to withdraw from the match at the Sapporo Dome. Despite a swelling ankle, the Real Madrid midfielder hopes that his Olympics will not be over.

Taher was awarded the ball with 43 minutes remaining. Al-Ahly, an Egyptian forward, turned his body so that Ceballos would not touch the ball. Taher’s foot landed on Ceballos’ ankle and caused him to completely collapse through the joint. Ceballos attempted to play football initially, but Jon Moncayola replaced him a few moments later. Despite VAR still reviewing footage, Taher was issued a yellow ticket for his actions.

Ceballos quickly took off his socks, and photos reveal that the ankle was already severely swollen by the time he stepped onto the field. Later, a photo was shared via social media showing that the joint had developed a huge swelling. It hurts. Yes. Yes.

According to the Spanish Football Association, Ceballos will be able to see how his ankle heals in the next 48-hours. Luis de la Fuente has already stated that the ankle ‘looks bad’. It is therefore impossible for Ceballos to return to action next Sunday against Australia. Ceballos’ ankle injury means that Ceballos cannot travel to Argentina’s game on Wednesday. This makes it ‘virtually impossible. Spain remained in the opening game against Egypt with Pedri, Eric García, Dani Olmo and Unaí Simon, among others, in a 0-0 draw. Australia beat Argentina 0-2 in the same group.


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