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The prestigious newspaper The New York Timeshas published this Thursday a study in which it classifies by race the 922 most powerful people in the United States. His conclusion is that 80% of the powerful are white. But beyond that, it is striking that according to the newspaper, those born in the Iberian Peninsula or their descendants they are not white.

He is a sociologist at the University of Chicago, René D. Flores, which has revealed this fact on Twitter. As reported, according to NOW people like John Garamendi, businessman and politician, he is not white, despite being of Basque origin. The also political Devin Nunes, of Portuguese origin, is not considered “white”.

Flores explains that the New York newspaper has established a curious criterion: “The rule they seem to follow is to classify anyone whose last name sounds ‘Hispanic’ as not whiteregardless of its actual origin. This would explain why Pablo Isla, the Madrid-born CEO of Inditex, is classified as non-white. “

Flores continues: “Interestingly, the NOW classifies people of Middle Eastern origin as Iranian-American Farnam Jahanian The Marc Lasry, who was born in Morocco, as white “.

“The reader of Iberian cultural signals as non-white and the classification of people from the Middle East as white is a uniquely American phenomenon“says Flores.

“This is a good example of how the limits of ‘white’, along with the other racial categories, change over time and they are shaped by social and political factors “, concludes this professor.



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