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The Interterritorial Health Council approved this Thursday the pandemic alert plan almost unanimously. They have only raised their abstention Community of Madrid and the Basque Countrypending that some of their observations are introduced into the new strategy. He Framework of action contains indicators Y common limitations in all Spain. The aim is to thus end the disparity of actions and homogenize the response following the recommendations of doctors and epidemiologists and the requests of some automakers.

New actions against the covid

He plan includes six thresholds that measure the level of contagion and two others that determine the hospital situation. And, based on them, mark four risk levels: low, medium, high and extreme, with measurements for each of them.
With the current level of incidence, six communities are located at the level of alert 4 o extreme risk (Aragon, Castilla y León, Catalunya, Madrid, Navarra and La Rioja), four on alert, three o high risk (Andalusia, Asturias, Murcia and the Basque Country); six in alert 2 or medium risk (Castilla-La Mancha, Baleares, Canarias, Cantabria, Comunidat Valenciana and Extremadura), and only Galicia would be at the minimum level (alert 1 or low risk).

The government technical spokesperson for the pandemic, Fernando Simón, specified after the meeting that the document “it does not toughen current measures, but neither does it soften them. ” “It homogenizes them by offering the autonomies a wide range of options,” he added.

He also highlighted that the set of indicators are designed to be applied in territorial scopes smaller than communities autonomous, especially in municipalities.

He new frame try to introduce homogeneity actions but enables communities to adopt measures more rigorous. In fact, it will be the autonomous governments that will decide when and what measures to apply, although they must first inform the Ministry of Health.

The restaurants

In the case of high and extreme risk, the plan foresees that the health authority value the closing inside the bares or reduce the capacity to the maximum, allowing food delivery. In the terraces 75% capacity is allowed in groups of a maximum of six people, although limiting the admission of clients to 10 p.m. and closing at 11 p.m., as has been applied in the municipalities of the Community of Madrid affected by the state of alarm. In addition, in the interiors of gyms, sports areas and covered swimming pools, the maximum capacity will be 30%.

In addition, from level 1, eating and drinking in public spaces is prohibited “when it is not possible to maintain a safe distance and outside the group of stable coexistence.” This involves vetoing picnic with friends or family.

The educational centers

The Guide [aquí en PDF] foresees that schools stay open included in the extreme risk, ensuring dining services. In cinemas, libraries and cultural spaces, on levels 3 and 4, the capacity will be a maximum of 50% and you will not be able to drink or eat during the show.

Finally, in levels 3 and 4 it is recommended to go to job exceptionally, promoting teleworking. The public transport they should increase the frequency of schedules “to the maximum”. Although, the plan does not contemplate the initial intention of the Ministry of Health to restrict the capacity to 30%.

And at the high and extreme risk threshold the shops they must reduce their capacity to 30% and close at 10 pm. Also, meetings are restricted to a maximum of six and it is recommended to limit social contacts.



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