The Spanish selection signed a memorable night that will go down in history: he endorsed an incontestable 6-0 to Germany in an official match, thus obtaining the ticket for the ‘Final Four’ of the Nations League to be played in October 2021.

With a Ferrán Torres hat-trick and goals by Morata, Rodri and Oyarzabal, Luis Enrique’s men danced to Löw’s all-powerful team, one of the most feared in the world, which seemed like a small team before the Red gale.

This is the biggest win in the history of Spain against a world champion team. Argentina 6-1 in a friendly match in 2018 It was the previous record while now the bronze place is held by the 4-0 to Italy in the final of Euro 2012, the last title won by the National Team.

A priori Germany was a tough rival to crack for Spain, which Luis Enrique started from the beginning with a renewed eleven that, as breathed in networks social, did not invite hope.

Hit on the table in Spain that becomes the first team in 89 years to score six goals against a team as tough as the German team is usually.