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He Ministry of Health has notified 10,653 new cases of covid-19, of which 3,471 have been diagnosed in the last 24 hours, a slight decrease compared to 4,143 yesterday, although the data for this Thursday they do not include Andalusia, which “has not been able to update the data due to technical problems.” According to official statistics, the total number of positives since the beginning of the pandemic is already 704,209, above the psychological barrier of 700,000 cases.

The report includes 84 new reported deaths, since the global figure rises to 31,118, compared to 31,034 in yesterday’s document. In the last seven days, 500 people with a confirmed diagnosis of covid-19 have died, a figure similar to the 517 in Monday’s report.

In the last seven days, up to 2,404 people have required hospitalization for covid-19 (146,477 in the pandemic as a whole) and 189 in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), for a total of 13,255 since the virus arrived in Spain.

832 shoots, but small

The Secretary of State for Health, Silvia Calzón, has reported that the autonomous communities have notified the Ministry of Health a total of 832 outbreaks of COVID-19, with 5,600 associated cases, since last Thursday.

At a press conference, Calzón has pointed out, however, that around 80% have “a low number of affected”, less than ten positives. Thus, the most numerous outbreaks have occurred in social health centers, where there are “workers of special vulnerability”, with more than 100 in some of them.

According to the data provided by the Secretary of State, more than a third of the outbreaks correspond to the social sphere, which also group a similar proportion with respect to associated cases. At this point, he has defended that, “although it is premature and the data must continue to be analyzed day by day, today they show that schools are not the main focus of outbreaks”. “The percentage is much lower than the percentage of outbreaks in the social sphere, mainly in family and friends gatherings,” he added.

Calzón has recognized a certain lag between the diagnosis of cases and notification, but has claimed that “there is intense work to improve this information system.” “We are aware of the technical and human effort that the different CCAA technicians make daily to report the data,” he argued, pointing out that these systems have their limitations.



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