Spain exceeds 500,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus

“The measures taken here are strict but they have managed to alleviate the pandemic”

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It reached 525,549, with a total of 29,516 deaths. In the last week it registered between 7,000 and 8,000 daily cases.

Spain, one of the countries in Europe hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, surpassed this Monday half a million cases diagnosed, according to the daily balance of the Ministry of Health. In total there are already 525,549, out of a total population of 47.3 million inhabitants.

In the last two weeks, the total balance increased at the rate of between 7,000 and 8,000 daily cases, as a result of a second wave of infections. The proportion of cases with respect to the population doubles that of neighboring countries such as France or Italy, according to AFP calculations based on official data.

The most affected region continues to be Madrid, with 16,501 cases detected in the last seven days.

On the other hand, the deceased to date son 29.516, of which 237 happened in the last week, according to the ministry. But unlike the first wave, with its peak at the end of March and during April, the disease is acting with a much lower mortality.

In addition, the authorities indicated that the count of cases is now favored by the greater number of tests that are practiced.

“The situation is much more favorable” than then, Fernando Simón, director of the ministry’s emergency center, said on Monday, adding that “we continue in an ascending phase of cases” in some regions of the country.

Simón also highlighted that the occupation of hospital beds by patients with coronavirus remains low, “around 7%”, unlike the worst time of the pandemic in Spain, when many centers were overwhelmed. “What we are experiencing now is not the same as what we were experiencing in March and April,” Health Minister Salvador Illa emphasized last Friday.

Likewise, the average age of coronavirus patients dropped considerably – now around 40 years old – and it is also being observed a higher proportion of asymptomatic.

The figures are known in full back to the classrooms. Some parents expressed fear of sending their children to schools, which have been closed since mid-March. But the Government insists that it is essential to resume face-to-face teaching, and ensures that with the measures taken, including distancing and the mandatory use of a mask from the age of 6, the school is a safe place.

Likewise, the authorities warned that parents who without justification stop sending their children to school are exposed to sanctions.

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