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In addition, 48 deaths from Covid-19 were reported in the last hours.

On the day that marks six months since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus crisis a pandemic, the Ministry of Health of Spain registered a record of 12,183 new cases.

4,708 were diagnosed in the last 24 hours, compared with 4,137 on Thursday, raising the total number of people infected in Spain by coronavirus to 566.326.

Likewise, 48 more deaths from Covid-19 were reported, totaling 241 in the last week. Therefore, the global number of deaths from Covid-19 in Spain stands at 29,747 people.

There are currently 8,658 patients hospitalized for coronavirus throughout Spain and 1,181 in an Intensive Care Unit, in the last 24 hours there have been 1,124 admissions and 919 discharges. The occupancy rate of beds occupied by coronavirus stands at 7.5 percent.

Of the 4,708 new cases registered by Health, 403 have been located in Andalusia, 371 in Aragon, 46 in Asturias, none in the Balearic Islands, 256 in the Canary Islands, 151 in Cantabria, 183 in Castilla-La Mancha, 63 in Castilla y León, 198 in Catalonia, 10 in Ceuta, 253 in the Valencian Community, 174 in Extremadura, 172 in Galicia, 1,427 in Madrid, 26 in Melilla, 59 in Murcia, 302 in Navarra, 563 in the Basque Country and 51 in La Rioja.

Regarding deaths, 1,573 deaths were registered in Andalusia (41 in the last week); in Aragon 1,212 (none in the last seven days); in Asturias 338 (two in the last week); in the Balearic Islands 258 (nine in the last seven days); in the Canary Islands 189 (10 in a week); in Cantabria 227 (two in the last seven days); in Castilla-La Mancha 3,052 (five in the last week); and in Castilla y León 2,883 (21 in the last seven days).

In addition, 5,780 people have died in Catalonia as a result of the coronavirus (eight in the last seven days); in Ceuta there have been seven deaths since the beginning of the pandemic (two in the last week); in the Valencian Community 1,515 (21 in the last seven days); in Extremadura 538 (eight in a week); in Galicia 674 (20 in the last seven days); in Madrid 8,818 (72 in the last seven days); in Melilla three (none in the last seven days); in Murcia 169 (three in the last seven days); in Navarra 542 (six in the last seven days); in the Basque Country 1,587 (three in the last seven days); and in La Rioja 382 (eight in the last seven days).

With information from DPA.


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