Spain already receives a loan of 6,000 million from the EU to finance ERTE

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Employment is one of the sectors most affected by the coronavirus crisis, especially in Spain, which is being the country most affected by the pandemic. That is why the network promoted by the EU is important. In fact, the coalition government will have from this Tuesday a loan of 6,000 million euros to finance the ERTE. This ‘advance’ is part of the 21,300 million that will be available to Spain from the SURE fund.

This was announced by the president of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen. “I am pleased to announce that Spain today receives 6 billion in loans under our EU instrument SURE, to protect people’s jobs in these tough times “, he expressed on social networks. “The SURE instrument can provide financial aid of up to 100,000 million euros, to protect people and jobs in the EU,” they commented from the Commission.

This news is known in a complicated context, after knowing the data from the EPA. Unemployment continues to grow: unemployment rose by 355,000 people (10.5% more), which represents the largest increase in a second quarter since 2012. There is, however, a good part, and that is that the membership marks a historical record. 569,600 jobs were created, representing the highest quarterly increase in the entire series. Of course, the youth unemployment rate stands at 40.45%, while in the second quarter it was 39.6% and a year ago 31.68%.

Von der Leyen participated this Monday in the Conference of regional presidents, and defended the EU recovery fund. This instrument, he explained, “comes to the rescue” and is “investment and reform” and not just to “restore the economy.”but to drive a greener, more digital and resilient future. “But to achieve this we need you and we need you ready to absorb this large amount of funds,” said the president. “We need your ideas and projects to convert European investment into local growth,” said Von der Leyen, who has given several concrete examples where communities will play “a crucial role”.

Von der Leyen concluded by noting that Europe gives the best of itself when everyone works as a team. “We are proud of our diversity, we come from different backgrounds and we speak different languages, but when we join forces, we give the best of ourselves and that is what can make a difference in this crisis, “he concluded.



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