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The Spanish Ministry of Health notified this Friday 15,186 more covid infections, With which the total of registered cases rises to 936,560 since the epidemic began, and the death toll reaches 33,775, after registering 222 more. The number of positives is the highest in one day of the entire pandemic. The previous maximum was registered almost a month ago, on September 18, when 14,389 new cases were recorded. During the last seven days the daily average of deaths has been 120.

According to data released by Health, Madrid continues to lead the Spanish regions in new infections, with 3,175 more new cases, 21% of the total.

In Spain there are 11,784 hospitalized covid patients, occupying 9.83% of the beds, a rate that is multiplied by two in Madrid (19.81%).

Of these, 1,768 are cared for in intensive care, 19.56% of the total capacity of these specialized care units, which in Madrid reaches 35.7%.

The average incidence in Spain is 280.4 new cases per hundred thousand inhabitants in 14 days, behind European countries such as Belgium (500), the Netherlands (416.4), France (328.3) and the United Kingdom (309.8 ).

On the rise around the world

Global cases of COVID-19 rose to 38.7 million today, and before the end of the day 383,000 new infections were registered, the second highest figure during the pandemic, so a new rate could be reached by the end of the day record.

Deaths since the beginning of the pandemic amount to 1.09 million, with 6,000 more deaths than the previous day. America has 18.3 million cases, followed by South Asia with 8.2 million, Europe with 7.5 million and the Middle East with 2.7 million.

In deaths, the American continent is about to exceed the barrier of 600,000 deaths, while Europe accumulates 252,000, South Asia 131,000 and the Middle East 68,000.

Recovered patients rise to 29.4 million, three-quarters of the total, and the number of patients in serious or critical condition has risen slightly in recent weeks and now stands at 71,000, although it still represents only one percent of the still active cases.



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