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Starlink, the internet that is offered via SpaceX satellites, costs the first test users 99 dollars (about 84 euros) per month. This is evident from an email that was sent to interested parties this week CNBC.

The test is called the ‘Better Than Nothing Beta’ test and is available to a number of interested parties in the United States and Canada. Next year it should be possible to use the internet all over the world.

In addition to the monthly fee of $ 99 per month, people have to pay 499 dollars (424 euros) in advance to buy the Starlink Kit. This includes a WiFi router and an antenna for connection to the satellites.

The email states that people should not expect top performance yet. “As you can deduce from the title, we try to temper your expectations”, the Starlink team writes. “Data speeds vary from 50 Mbit per second to 150 Mbit per second and there can be a delay of 20 ms to 40 ms. This will prevent this in the coming months because we are further optimizing the Starlink system. The internet can also sometimes fail completely.”

It is not clear how many people got the email. It is the first time that customers can use it. In recent months, the connection was only tested by a small number of SpaceX employees.

Starlink’s plan is for tens of thousands of satellites around the world to provide high-speed internet. Nearly nine hundred Starlink satellites have now been launched.



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