Spa Day and the other projects of a very committed Eva Longoria

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The small screen star Eva Longoria is now an established producer and has at least three projects ready to direct for the cinema, one also to interpret, entitled Spa Day.

New projects for the desperate former housewife Eva longoria, who will direct and star in an action comedy, Spa Day, for the Sony Pictures. But it is certainly not his only commitment expected shortly, given that she definitely keeps busy, the Texan from Corpus Christi. In fact, she has two other projects in the pipeline, as a director, as well as others as a producer with hers EnbeliEVAble Entertainment. An already full filmography, as a director of episodes of television series and documentaries, also as a producer, for Eva longoria.

The other projects ready to go are: Flamin’ Hot, a biopic about a cleaning lady who revolutionized the brand of the American snack Cheetos, popular for many years in every American home, based on cheese-flavored cornmeal, suggesting to the boss a spicy version, which obviously ended up having a great success incorporated. A story very much in line with the American dream, not quite so topical in those parts; the second is a new version of the classic 80s From 9 to 5 … continuous hours, which would become for Universal 24/7.



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