South Korea on Sunday announced 279 new cases of contamination in the past 24 hours, more than double the number of cases announced on Friday (103).

The new cases were found mostly in and around the capital Seoul.

Seoul has 146 new cases, of which 107 are related to Sarang Jeil Church, led by Jun Kwang-hoon, a controversial pastor and heavily criticized by the South Korean government.

The Ministry of Health announced that it would file a complaint against Jun Kwang-hoon, accusing him of violating the rules of self-isolation by attending a meeting on Saturday. The pastor is also accused of “obstructing” an epidemiological investigation by failing to submit a full list of church members requested by authorities to facilitate their efforts to detect and monitor COVID-19 cases.

The recurrence of COVID-19 cases led the authorities to re-impose restrictions on social distancing. President Moon Jae-in warned that he would take “severe action” against “some churches,” calling their behavior “life-threatening” and “unforgivable.”

Thousands of South Koreans took to the streets on Saturday, Liberation Day, to protest Moon Jae-in’s policy, violating the ban on public gatherings.