South Australia to lift confinement due to covid-19

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The South Australian state government announced on Friday that will advance the end of the strict six-day confinement that had ordered its more than 1.7 million inhabitants for covid-19, after controlling the outbreak that was detected last weekend in the city of Adelaide.

South Australian Police Commissioner Grant Stevens stated at a news conference in Adelaide that “from midnight on Saturday we will revert to a series of restrictions similar to the ones we imposed at the beginning of the week. “

In this way, strict confinement will end, which began on Wednesday night and is considered the most severe tax in Australia at the moment, since it prevented the inhabitants of the state from exercising outdoors and taking their pets for walks.

The population of South Australia, which has a total of 553 cases and four deaths from the new coronavirus Since the beginning of the pandemic, they will be able to reopen their businesses, although with limited capacity, as well as attend funerals, celebrate weddings and religious events, among other activities.

The police command explained that the six-day confinement was imposed because one of the infected people provided false information to contact tracing teams.

The authorities of South Australia, whose economy accounts for around 6 percent of the country’s oceanic GDP, reported this Friday three new local infections, all of them in quarantine, bringing this new outbreak to 25 infections.

With more than 25 million inhabitants, Australia accumulates around 27,790 cases of covid-19 and 907 deaths, of which 20,345 infections and 819 deaths correspond to the state of Victoria, the epicenter of the second wave of the pandemic.



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