Source states that vote on Trump’s indictment in New York hush-money case is postponed.

A Manhattan grand jury is set to hear more evidence in the Trump hush-money investigation on Monday. However, a final witness must testify before the panel can deliberate and vote on whether or not to indict Donald Trump. The charges would immediately be sealed if an indictment is made, making it unclear as to when he will face public consequences for his alleged involvement in paying adult film star Stormy Daniels $130,000 during his 2016 election campaign. While some speculate that indicted co-defendants may include former CFO Allen Weisselberg, others suggest that falsifying business records could be among top counts.

On Saturday night, an anonymous source with knowledge of the investigation revealed that there was one remaining witness required for proceedings against former President Donald Trump over allegations of illegal hush-money payments. This final testimony marked the end of a two-month grand jury presentation by prosecutors under District Attorney Alvin Bragg, which began after Michael Cohen admitted wiring $130k payment to Adult Film actress Stormy Daniels days before 2016 elections; he has since become prosecution’s key witness.

The announcement of this last-minute appearance provides new insight into timing surrounding any potential charges against Mr.Trump and other defendants implicated in criminal activity related to these payments. Given that deliberations occur only three hours per week (on Mondays), experts do not expect jurors to arrive at an official decision until later this week.

If they do decide to proceed with charging anyone involved in these crimes – which could potentially result in low-level felony offenses such as falsifying business records – then all parties involved would likely deny wrongdoing vehemently while awaiting arraignment hearings. However, given recent revelations about possible witnesses testifying soon enough alongside mounting legal pressures from federal investigators around alleged fraud throughout various areas within both businesses owned by him personally or those associated with him politically- observers believe such denials may hold little weight going forward regardless of the outcome.

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