Soul streaming, and the majors without a soul: a comment

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The decision to release the new Pixar film directly in streaming is yet another hard blow to theaters and to the entire cinema chain. The American majors look like Saturn devouring its children, postponing their releases to a future that may not exist. And the Rome Film Festival, which opens Soul programs, is silent for now.

And so too Soul, the long-delayed new film by Pixar, which should have been a Cannes (and of which Fremaux has claimed membership in the Official Virtual Selection), and which was to be released in theaters at Christmas, was intended by Disney directly to streaming.
Not exactly an unexpected move, but yet another hard blow for cinemas around the world, cornered by the pandemic and by the continuous slippage – if not, as in this case, the cancellation tout court – of cassette films that could make them catch their breath.

The Warner, which he had also tried with Tenet, he postponed Dune e The Batman.
The Universal did slip No Time to Die, the new 007, Fast and Furious 9 and also Candyman.
Disney, or the cinecomics Marvel, and Fox, many other things, will not release anything until 2021.
The whole, in the hope that, for this late 2021, there will still be cinemas. Or enough salt to release the billionaire blockbusters in the expected and usual quantities.

The behavior of major US seems to be the one of Saturn devouring his children.
Still, it’s perfectly consistent with what the majors have become: real corporation that respect no other laws than those of profit and the market, in the ruthless manner that we have come to know well. Ruthless, and shortsighted.
Because it’s it is useless to delude oneself of earning tomorrow, if today the places of consumption are killed, and the distribution chains, and promotional ones.
Because it is useless to push consumption on the one hand and reduce poverty on the other.

The contradictions of contemporary capitalism are what they are, and cinema, as an industry, pays the price.
Art remains, of course. But even if the theory dictates that this period opens up prairies of opportunity for the European cinema, that art-house, that independent, the problem remains of persuading an audience that has been uneducated for years to appreciate a filmic taste other than that of the great sideshow of Hollywood.
And among the culprits of this miseducation there are also the media, they are also part of the same system that, today, is showing the rope.

in the meantime Soul will go directly up Disney+, but not before having opened an event called Rome Film Festival (where “del Cinema” is the critical part of the equation, in this case).
From various quarters, sui social, the managers of the Festival were asked to take a position on Disney’s choices, and to modify its programming.
So far, there have been no hits. The Show Must Go On. Even when the ship is sinking.


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