Sorocaba’s son wears a beret to celebrate 5 months and enchants the web: ‘Lindo’

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Singer Sorocaba and his wife, Biah Rodrigues, celebrated their son’s five months, Theo, with a Giraffe-themed party. This Saturday (17), the two posed with the baby on their lap during the celebration, which took place on the backwoods farm. “Five months of our baby,” wrote the model in the caption. Last month, the family chose the cowboy theme for the mesversário, when the boy posed in a leather hat like his father.

Theo wears bib and beret and delights followers of his mother: ‘Lindo’

In the comments on Biah Rodrigues’ post, followers melted for Theo, who visited the beach last month. “It’s getting cuter every day,” declared one. “Beautiful! What a happier baby! God bless you”, commented one more. “He’s so beautiful, sis,” praised a third. “This Theo is very tasty,” said another internet user. A follower expressed surprise at the baby’s fifth mesversary: ​​”Already? It went too fast.” Biah agreed, “I think so, too.”

Biah Rodrigues does not intend to insert artificial milk in Theo’s food

Recently, Biah Rodrigues interacted with fans on Instagram and talked about motherhood. When asked if she intended to include artificial milk in her son’s diet, the model dismissed the possibility: “I don’t intend to insert formula at all. Unless there was an extreme need (if my milk ran out)”. opined. She also recalled the difficulties with breastfeeding during the puerperium: “My breast was very hurt, very sensitive. Several times, I breastfed him and cried in pain alone at dawn. But I didn’t give up”.

Model denies that diet affects child’s health: ‘I don’t think so’

In the conversation, another follower wanted to know if the model’s food restriction, which showed her body when she appeared in a bikini with her son. “Do your diets not harm the baby since you receive so few calories?” Asked the internet user. “I don’t think so, I’m finding it hard to hold him in his lap, it’s so heavy!” “‘Diet’ is not about eating little but about knowing what you are eating. I am going to share with you my recipes, daily meals and the exercises I can do at home with body weight.” She even detailed her food preferences at this stage of breastfeeding. “I can already tell you: lactating women should eat real food: vegetables, fruits and lots of water. This is not new, is it?”, Said Biah.


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