Sørloth about the national team, the Solskjær talk and the Champions League debut

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At the same time as the conflict between Lars Lagerbäck (72) and Alexander Sørloth (24) has stolen a lot of attention, the latter made a tough Champions League debut against Ole Gunnar Solskjær & co.

– We just had a very pleasant chat. He talked about the first time he saw me, it was for Rosenborg’s G16 team against Clausenengen. We won 5-0 and he remembered the result. It was very nice. It’s not so long since that match now and now I’m in the Champions League. So we talked a bit about the road until today, says Sørloth on the phone from Germany.

They grinned and laughed on their way to the Old Trafford carpet. Alexander Sørloth started on the bench, but eventually got into what


– It was a tough first match naturally enough. At the same time, we just have to forget it and think next. “Shit happens”. We know we’re better than that. It was not a 0-5 match, Sørloth believes.

The last few weeks have been marked by a lot of writing after:

Both eventually came with their versions in the press, before one came.

– We’re done with the case. It is laid dead and then we keep the rest internally, Sørloth says to VG.

– How does standing in the middle of the storm affect you?

– I have no problem with that. The nice thing about being a football player is that when you play a game, you just focus on it. It will be a kind of sanctuary, so I think it is very nice, he says.

When he arrived at RB Leipzig, he warned Erling Braut Haaland that “hungry wolves hunt best”, but so far the scoring has been long overdue.

Against Hertha Berlin, however, it was an assist that he describes as “very lucky”, but should also have had more if the teammates had delivered the goods.

– It feels like things are getting better and better. It takes some time, especially when getting used to a new system. In Turkey, I was used to a lot of freedom, so I have to learn the way we should push and attack. The match I started against Hertha went well, but of course I should have had a goal, says Sørloth.


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