Sophia Valverde renews her look on a beauty day: ‘Hydration and brush’. Video and photo!

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Sophia Valverde had a beauty day and did moisturizing and brushing her hair. “Today (5) we are going to have a celebration”, the protagonist of the soap opera “Poliana Moça” anticipated, without giving further details, whose recordings should only be resumed in 2021 at SBT. In her Instagram Stories account, the 15-year-old actress showed parts of the change in look. “Taking care of hair with (hairstylist) Elso Camargo️️️️”, wrote Sophia. To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, both Sophia and Elso did not give up the protective mask all the time.

Web approved Sophia’s new look: ‘It rocked!’

Fans of Sophia, who recently had fun at the water park with Igor Jansen, her soap opera companion, approved the change in the teenager’s look. “It rocked!”, Praised an internet user. “It looks more beautiful than it already was”, completed a second. “Wonderful”, extolled a third. “Perfect”, highlighted another for the artist whose birthday was celebrated at dinner in the heights.

Poliana will kiss in season 2 of SBT soap opera

SBT had even started recording the soap opera “Poliana Moça”, but it stopped working almost seven months ago due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Before the broadcaster announced that the cast contracts would not be renewed, Sophia told the Purepeople details of your character’s new phase. “People will like this new phase of the two … Something I can say is that yes, Poliana will give the first kiss in the novel and there will be romance”, he anticipated. “I wanted to say that I am not responsible for this information, okay? (Jokes) Director, continue my contract (laughs)”, joked Igor, João’s interpreter. “The public can expect a lot of friendship. Many new relationships … And of course, we can expect some fights. Because in every relationship there is a fight too”, added Sophia.

Web pointed out romance between Sophia and Igor during trip

The 15-year-old actress has been officially single since she broke up with Lucas Burgatti shortly after the start of the period of social isolation, which exceeds 200 days although she has already taken measures to relax. And during a trip to the Northeast, fans of Sophia and Igor started to point out a possible courtship between the protagonists of the children’s story of SBT. When commenting on the shipper, the teenager dismissed the flirting rumors. “We are very friendly because we recorded it a lot together, you know? Now we are back with all our strength and I think it will help our characters a lot. We lived from Monday to Saturday, all day together on the recordings, whether we wanted to or not, we had to put up with it, so we became a family. I consider Sophia as a little sister “, she said.

(by Guilherme Guidorizzi)


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