Sophia Valverde gets injured on a bike ride: ‘Splint on the arm’. Video!

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Sophia Valverde, the protagonist of “As Aventuras de Poliana”, is recovering from a fright at home after a bicycle accident. In Instagram Stories, the actress – confirmed in the continuation of the plot, “Poliana Moça”, with recordings scheduled for 2021 – showed her arm with a bandage and detailed the event. “I’m fine now, but I had a bicycle accident. I have a splint on my arm,” said the 15-year-old, adding: “It was very complicated, it happened last night.”

Actress shows head injury: ‘Here cut’

Besides having to put a splint on her arm, Sophia had a cut on the side of her head, close to her eyebrow. “It was a lot of blood, it cut here, but I thought nothing had happened. I just had a pressure on my head, but when we sat on the floor, my friend came, took his hair and said ‘blood’,” he said. According to the actress, the moment made her nervous. “It was a lot of pain, but thankfully my friends calmed me down. Adrenaline up there, a lot of pain and fear, my mother calmed me down. It never happened to me, I never had to put a splint, I never saw so much blood in my life, I swear! I was a little desperate at the time, “said the teenager, who enjoyed days off in Ceará with her family and Igor Jansen.

The paranaense also said that she chose not to take stitches at the location of the injury. “I was going to need to take a stitch, but the scar would be bigger if I did, so we chose not to take it. But it worked out, thank God. It could have been much worse,” said Sophia. When saying goodbye to the fans, Sophia indicated that she has calmed down after the scare with the songs of Ariana Grande, a singer considered by her a reference in the artistic world. “Now I’m listening to Ari’s new album, which was released last night and I was bleeding … and as people say: it’s good that we have a story to tell, but at the time it was scary”, he revealed. Check out the full video below!


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