Sophia Loren is aiming for the Oscar race for Life Ahead in Netflix in November

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It will be an awards season particularly full of high-level female interpretations, now Sophia Loren also aspires to be part of the challenge, who has already won two Oscars for Life Ahead, scheduled for November on Netflix.

A return after many years in the cinema that matters, for Sophia Loren. At least these are the hopes of Netflix, which he placed to be released on November 13 on its platform Life in front of you, aiming to make him participate in the mad rush, this year even more, of the awards season. Is it possible that Loren has a chance to re-enter the eligible candidates for a nomination for best actress? The vintage is certainly not without rivals of great weight, as demonstrated by the Venice Film Festival, which presented many high-level female performances.

The Italian actress is certainly much loved by the Academy since the golden years of Italian cinema. She has already won an Oscar for best actress for La ciociara, the first for an interpreter in a non-English-language film, as well as an honorary career in 1991. His return to Life ahead of him, Italian production directed by his son Edoardo Ponti who also scripted it with Ugo Chiti, sees her in the role of Madame Rosa, a Jewish Holocaust survivor who can barely support herself with the children of prostitutes who were her former colleagues. Among these is a twelve-year-old Senegalese orphan, Momo, who will establish a special relationship with the woman

It is a adaptation of the novel Life Ahead of Romain Gary, Goncourt prize in 1975 and already brought to the big screen two years later in an Oscar-winning film for best foreign film, with Simone Signoret in the role of Mrs. Rosa.

Appointment next November 13 on Netflix, with Sophia Loren and Life in front of itself.



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