Brushing your teeth is one of the routine actions of our personal hygiene. When we get up, after each meal and, of course, before going to sleep (since the experts assure that it is the most important), use the brush to remove dirt and food remains and, thus, show off a smile bright is a mechanical gesture that few do without. However, and despite the daily routine of the act, we still make some mistakes in doing so that favor plaque and tartar; and among them is the poor choice of this fundamental tool.

Beyond brushing your teeth: why an irrigator (at half price!) Is what you need to show off a smile

Although the debate on whether it is better to opt for a manual or an electric toothbrush continues, for many, open, the reality is that the latter are capable of removing dirt from our mouth and teeth in less time and more effectively, improving at the same time. time the health of our gums. Such is its success among users, that It is not difficult to find good models at affordable and even discounted prices; and the Philips model that we review under these lines gives a good account of it.

El Sonicare DiamondClean, which stands out for including heads for two people in the same handle and for showing an award for the quality offered by its functions, is reduced, until further order, 20% on the company’s website. Thus, although it is true that its price is still high, we must not lose sight of the fact that it is an investment that we will not take to recover more than a year, that will last for much longer and that, in addition, bet on cutting-edge technology to achieve the smile of your dreams. You want to know why? Well, keep reading!

El Sonicare DiamondClean, de Philips.
El Sonicare DiamondClean, de Philips.

3 steps to healthy teeth

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    Five cleaning modes

    Deep cleaning (which allows us to focus on specific areas), daily cleaning, gum care, gentle cleaning for sensitive teeth and whitening. Those are the five modes that this brush has that allow us to adjust the cleaning to our needs.
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    Removes plaque effectively

    The AdaptiveClean head offers four times more contact that helps remove up to 10 times more plaques even in difficult areas. Thanks to this, and the other benefits of the brush, the health of our gums improves in two weeks
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    Safe and ergonomic brushing

    In addition to having a head that flexes along the gums for deep cleaning, the device features a timer to provide safe, non-excessive cleaning. During this time, the sonic vibrations emitted by the brush beat the toothpaste and form bubbles that help fight plaque by penetrating even the most difficult areas.

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